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    Straight Male / 48

    I retired with some assets. I had to get organized so I went to this financial services firm recommended by a friend and hired them. My financial advisor is a woman in her late forties. I don't want to say that she was interested because of the money, but I really don't understand how a man of my age has a woman twenty years younger who offers herself to have sex.

    I thought I was over all that, I am totally done with the whole chase and catch routine.

    For example, I live alone in a nice condo in the nicer part of town. I worked for it and I own it. She comes over to make sure that everything is ok with me. She insists on cooking, which I must give her credit for that, she is a great cook and she knows how to serve. For her, I can either sit on the bar stool at the kitchen counter and talk to her or go watch television while she cleans up, but she doesn't want any help in the kitchen.

    The other day, a Saturday, she came over. My cleaning service had come that week and she came back from the bathroom and she told me that they didn't do a good job. Next thing I know I find her on her knees cleaning the shower stall. She had her rear end to me, her shorts were a little too tight and I saw her unmistakable woman parts clearly marked. I stood and watched, as she bent down further and her legs opened up, her woman parts were so clearly marked. I felt I was getting an erection. She turned to me, with that smile looking up to me, on her knees with her backside clearly visible, and she laughed.

    When it was all over and I was in my easy chair watching television she came over and asked me what was wrong. I am too old to keep quiet and I told her that her ass had made me think of the old days. She got me to confess, to tell her I could see her woman parts clearly. She said nothing, she just got down on her knees between my legs and gave me a blow job. My wife died fifteen years ago, and she never gave me a blow job. I responded, to my surprise.

    She stood and told me to follow and she went to the bedroom, took off her shorts and underwear and got on the bed on her hands and knees and bent down and asked me if I could see her woman parts. She turned to me with her laugh and said "pay me".

    Damn, I am too old for this.

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    good story! a lot, and i mean a lot of wwomen enjoy fucking older guys.
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    I work at a rather large company (I am 62). The office manager is a 58 year old woman. In her day she was a very beautiful young woman, and her looks had not gone away. She and I got it on, she has developed rather large breasts, and she isn't as toned, she can do wonders with her mouth, and she is patient enough to know that it takes a little more work to get fully prepared for a good fuck. She shaved her whole pussy for me one day, shaved down so she can show off her slit. I must admit it turnes me on and I like to go down. She will up her rear for a doggy fuck, but does it when the lights are turned down low, and she asked for and we tried an anal fuck. She said it feels good in the strangest sort of way. You don't have to be young to get it on.
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    You're not dead. Fuck! Have some fun.
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    Sounds fun but I would be concerned she was after your money dude if she had access to your financial info. A typical CFP doesnt come over and fix their clients dinner or clean their showers, lol.

    If its too good to be true it probably is. Lol.

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