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    Straight Female / 18

    I have an urge to be held down. To feel I am held down. It is not like you can talk to anyone about this. How do you tell someone that what you want is some guy who is strong enough to grab you by the neck and get you on your knees until he shoves your face into the ground. The man that does that can fuck me.

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    My ex gf loved for me to pin her down and take whatever I wanted. She would try to fight me off, but I was much larger and stronger than her and could force her to do whatever I wanted.

    I would be on top, pin her arms back, put her legs on my shoulders and fuck her hard. A rough, pretend r**e scenario. She would cum so hard her legs would shake uncontrollably. She loved it.
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    your a waste of space.
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    And you #2 dumbass don’t know the difference in your and you’re. Keep YOUR dumbass thoughts to yourself.
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    One of the ways you know you have a good partner is that you *can* talk about these types of normal desires. The vulnerability of the conversation can be really erotic. If the guy can't handle the conversation respectfully or crosses your boundaries (you get to have boundaries even if you like being submissive, don't listen to guys who say otherwise), then you know that one can just move along. Good luck and have fun.
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    Why not let me fuck you first, afterward you won't want to get up and you won't have to be held down.

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