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    Four months back (Before Christmas) I had a six day long sexual relationship with a thirty nine year old man. He was in town to visit his older brother, someone he'd not seen in over eighteen years. The sex we had together was mind blowingly awesome sex and some of the dirtiest sex you can probably imagine. I knew when we first went to bed together it was only going to be a short term thing, so everything he wanted to try sexually with me, I went with it and it turned out to be fantastic sex. Throughout he wouldn't see me during the early afternoons, so I called by his hotel room most evenings and into the night.
    When he left to go back north, he told me he and his brother had made up for old times, and he'd probably be back in late March. My father who'd been very hyper around that time, told me last week his little brother (Nine years between them) was coming to stay at the end of the month. He got his phone out to show me a picture/selfie he'd taken of them just before Christmas. It turns out my uncle Jamie is a sexual god, and it was he who had fucked me for six days.
    I've not told my dad anything. But in a few days from now the man who was so dirty with me sexually and had me orgasming all over the place from oral, vaginal and anal sex, is going to be in our home. And I don't know what to say or do.

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    Elementary girl. As is BEYOND DISPUTE, the standard default for female of the species, DO AS YOU'RE TOLD with absolutely no static or backtalk. As you were.
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    Get your mind off of objectification and just let the drama play itself out. Be intelligent, judicious and mature and all will be fine.
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    No, give it up to the both of them. Yes, including your dad. Good sex runs in the family!

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