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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I am mainly into men, but I'm a 22 year old female and want to lose my virginity to a woman, or a dominate older man, but preferable woman. I want to eat a girl's pussy, suck her tits, explore her body. I don't want to date a woman, but I want to have a hook up with a woman. Preferably a dominate woman, no matter the age. Make me submit, make me be your bitch. I am craving sex. I like to finger myself and watch lesbian porn.

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    Where are you?
    7 days ago
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    yeah yeah all this but dont even leave an email. hmmmm deff not serious. but maybe just a
    5 days ago
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    Every town except the tiny ones, have one or more lesbian or gay bars where meetings take place. If you crave lesbian sex, there's plenty around but it is not going to find you.
    4 days ago
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    You can also try an on line website like Craigslist.
    4 days ago

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