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    Straight Female / 31

    Discovering your husband enjoys being fucked hard up his cute asshole is one thing. Discovering that you get incredibly turned on, and find the sight of him taking a long thick cock deep up his rear hole, sometimes more sexually rewarding than being fucked yourself, is quite another.
    That's the situation I find myself in, after walking in on him being fucked by a neighbor of ours. I didn't become jealous or angry. Instead I was totally turned on and found that my pussy was soaking wet with lust watching what him taking a damn rough fucking. Only after they'd changed position did they notice me, and by then I had my skirt up and my panties down, playing with my clitty.
    They did jump, but I told them to carry on. So within minutes, not only did I watch my husband take a full load of cum up his ass, but I had one of the best orgasms I can remember having.
    And his passion for getting fucked by men with large cocks has also become one of my fetishes and sexual passions. I've now been present many many times over the last eighteen months, and if anything watching him being fucked only gets better and better for me. He's a year older than me, has an athletic build and apparently attracts men who like the look of his super cute ass.
    Only last week he had a huge cocked around to fuck him, whilst I sat on the opposite chair and masturbated. It was an amazing thing to see and I climaxed over half a dozen times whilst they fucked.
    I cannot be the only woman/wife out there who enjoys this kind of sexual kink. I'd love to hear back from any women who's men entertain them by being fucked. Or from men who's wives allow them to seek out sexual satisfaction from gay sex.
    A very happy wife.

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