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    Straight Male / 46

    Okay, Im 46 now, but this particular night occured when I was 23.
    I know this one particular lady Ill refer to her as Elizabeth. She and her late husband were good friends with my parents, and as such, ive known them almost all of my life.
    Elizabeths husband passed away about 5 years before this event happened.
    Well Elizabeth then afterwards being a widow, and she had some friends that also were widows.

    Shes calls me up one day and asks me for a favor. She tells me that on saturday evening she is having some lady friends over to her house for a night of playing cards, and she asks me to serve as bartender/waiter for the night. I actually agreed to do so, why im still not sure.
    Anyway, saturday night comes, i arrive a little earlier than was expected of me. She shows me where she keeps all of the wine and hard liquor is kept. Those ladies like to drink.
    The guests arrive later, a d Elizabeth introduces me, the ladies were actually not bad looking, and kept up their appearances well.
    So fast foward up about 3 hours, theyve all each had several mixed drinks snd wine by this time. Some of them are attempting to flirt with me whitch i flirted back. So i take another order for drinks back to tge kitchen and prepare them. I was thinking about thier flirting attempts and i decided to test how serious or not. So... when im bringing back the tray of drinks, i stop and remove my tshirt and jeans. Just entering thier game room in my underwear.
    As i pass out tge drinks all of them are just staring at me in my black low rise undies. Elizabeth says "whoa hoe". The lady sitting right next to where i was standing asks me "can we touch you too?"
    I reply any or all of you ladies are free to touch,fondle, or tickle me anywhere you want, you dont have to ask first, just do whatever you ladies want to do, and yes ladies i love being tickled.
    The next 2 hours each of them has touched, tickled me everywhere, and i mean everywhere. At the end of the night, everyone has gone home, just myself and Elizabeth are the only ones still there, for whitch Elizabeth sits in front of me,pulls down my undies and gives me one hell of a good blow job. True Story.

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