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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm 17 female, living in middle America. A little over a year ago I lost my virginity I was just about 16 and finally once some of my friends had lost theirs they would talk about it, and I'd join in. Only my story was made up. I couldn't bring myself and still can't tell anyone that I lost my virginity to a 45 year old woman. I was helping her out, she is someone I've known for almost all my life, and working together at her house for sometimes a week at a time during a summer we would sleep together in the same bed. Snuggling lead to kissing, feeling each others bodies, then showering in the morning together, and eventually my first orgasm from her lips, tongue and delicate fingers. She taught me how to do the same for her only it was with my hand inside her.

    One night she told me it was time and with 3 fingers she broke my hymen. She would use a vibrating dildo on me, and a vibrating strap on and make love to me like a man would.

    I still see her, we are lovers full on and we are in love. I can't bring myself to tell anyone of my real experience for my first time though so I make up a story of a boy I was with when I went to Chicago for 2 weeks. I put bi in the description as I don't want a boy or man, but she wants me to experience it. I love the sex we have but just can't bring myself to tell anyone about us.

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    You are being exploited by a predator. Run away from her as far and as fast as you can. That old woman is a disgusting pig and should be in jail. #metoo applies to lesbian rapists as well. She is not in love with you - she is just using you.

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