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    Straight Male / 32

    My wife and me went out to dinner with her mother and one of her mothers friends. After dinner I wasn't feeling very well. I was light headed, my stomach was very upset and I even threw up a couple of times. My wife suggested we go to nearby medical clinic to get it checked out. I remember the clinic wasn't too busy and the nurse told us she would take us to a room. She said only 2 people were allowed in the room with me and it had to be close family. My wife told her she was my wife. Her mother immediately told the nurse that her and her friend were my mothers, which was a lie, but all of them wanted to come in. The nurse said it wasn't the norm but allowed it. She handed me a gown and told me to strip out of everything including underwear. I began to do so with my wife helping me since I was a little light headed and having difficulty. I remember my wife stripping me down to my underwear and expecting her to put my gown on before removing them so I wouldn't be exposed to everyone but she didn't. She pulled off my underwear leaving me fully exposed in front of her mother and friend. While waiting for the doctor I felt like I was going to throw up and actually did. It landed all over the front of my gown. My wife removed my gown and put it in the sink that was in the room. She then goes to ask the nurse for another gown leaving me naked with her mother and friend. My wife and nurse return which exposed me to her too. She had another gown and also gave me a pan to throw up in should I need to again.

    The doctor finally came in and said it could be slight food poisoning and told me I could get dressed and we could go. The gown comes off and once again her mother and friend see me naked again.

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