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    Gay Male / 45

    I got laid off and was hanging around my apartment all day. I started going out for walks, just to get fresh air. in our complex there are three pools and as I walked around I found that at this one pool was a man who laid out for the sun. We nodded as I walked by and one day I found him at the local supermarket and we said hello and got into a conversation. He drove a limo at night, said he worked for a club and they had clients that needed to be driven home. He went on around nine and got off around three. I told him I had been laid off.

    He suggested that instead of walking around alone I come to the pool, catch some sun. The day I decided to go I felt totally awkward, this man was well tanned and I looked like a white beached whale. I told him I was scared I was going to get burned, so he invited me inside and we went up to his apartment, which overlooked the pool. We talked, he had been around, lots of different jobs, he told me he landed the job as the limo driver quite by accident, a recommendation from a guy he had met online.

    He just got to the point, told me he was gay, he had moved to Florida for the sun and to get away from the winter. He asked me if I was gay, I said no. He told me that the club he worked at it was pretty much a private affair, not just anyone could walk in. You had to have money, the girls were all first class, the tips were good, he acted as both a doorman and a driver, he got paid, he got tips and it gave him the day off to do as he pleased, sleep a little hang out at the pool.

    I asked questions, and he answered them. I asked about the girls at the club. He was very descriptive, he said they were all first class, made a good amount of money. He laughed when I suggested that they made tips. Tips, as in what her tip was for giving a rich man a good time. This was a club where men went to spend time with the ladies, not just to watch then dance.

    We spent the afternoon talking, he was open about his lifestyle. He felt mine was boring. He asked me if I was gay what kind of guy would I like. Was I into skinny guys in speedos, or old fat truck drivers. What did I like, there was enough to go around. He suggested that I get online, he gave me a couple of dating sites, find a man I found interesting, if I wanted he would check him out for me, and just get a good fuck, I needed one.

    I went to the websites, I logged on with a fake name, I saw what was there. I was curious, but the more time I spent looking the more interested I became. I hung out at the pool, ever so slowly getting a tan. My severance was running out, and I would have to go on unemployment which wasn't going to be enough. He offered to get me on at the club, he got me a job as a bar back, we went in together and one night when we got off I didn't make it home. I ended up on his bed sucking him off.

    That was ten years ago when I was 35. I work now for an import company and part time as a bartender. I have much more defined tastes, as he said there is enough for all. My likes, the man I want to get off with, works outside, heavy equipment operators, at the port, truck drivers, those types. I never could get off to the skinny guy in a speedo. A man's man, beer, cigar, football, who wants a blow job during the game. I'm his man.

    My friend the limo driver moved on. I am still in town, the club is long gone, moved and changed its name. Some days I think I am going to end up like him, moving to a new place, getting a no name job, I am a bartender so I can get a job most anywhere, find a place, settle in, suck an old man with money, suck a man's man, hang out by the pool and see who walks by. As a bartender I can work nights, work on my tan during the day, keep an eye out, hookup online, maybe the delivery truck driver, who knows. The one thing my friend the limo driver said, is there is plenty to go around.

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