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    Straight Male / 52

    I was curious to know what it’s like to take a dick in my ass. Have been getting more curious as I got older. Well my wife and two daughters went out on an all day shopping trip and I stayed home. I had such a strong urge to take cock that I found the Grindr app in the App Store. Downloaded it and within minutes of making an account I had a few people message me.

    After 30 minutes I decided to meet up with this 44 year old guy. Gay guy that lived 8 miles from me. Told him my ass was a virgin and I’m married and curious. He told me he topped married guys often, thinks they make better bottoms. He invited me over and I got dressed and went over.

    Got to his place and he took me straight to his bedroom. I told him no kisssing and he was fine with that. He started getting undressed and I followed. He was standing in some boxers and I was standing in just my white briefs. He looked at me and said white briefs, I can tell your married for sure. He proceeded to say take off those manties and I’ll show you how your wife feels when you fuck her ass.

    Took my underwear off and I was very hard. And so was he. He had a nice thick 7” cock. My cock is 6” and thick and very hairy. His cock was shaved bald. So I got on the bed in doggy style with my face resting in the bed and my ass up in the air.

    He put lube on my hole and started fingering me, I was used to being fingered by my wife. He said oh yeah your tight and it will be uncomfortable at first. He asked safe or bare. I said you proved your clean, just go bare.

    He started to push his cock in my asshole and it was uncomfortable and hurt. He got it in a d started fucking me. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes before he came in my ass. I could feel all of his hot cum spraying in my asshole. Once he pulled out I got up. My ass was sore! We cleaned up and I went on my way.

    At home I was sitting on the couch watching tv till my wife and daughters got home. I got up to go let them in and my ass was still sore. Hopefully I wasn’t walking funny. And even worse I could feel some of his cum leaking out of me and into my briefs, good thing I wear briefs. And I’m glad I tried bottoming

    For a while I was talking to my wife and daughters and in my head I thought about how they had to take a guys cock during sex. And them doing anal. Now I know what it is like to take cock like a woman. Kinda felt sorry for them.

    Later that night getting ready for bed I stripped down to just my briefs in the bedroom. My wife was in the shower. I changed my briefs since the pair I was wearing had some cum in them. Laying on the bed in just my briefs my wife came in. She was naked as usual but got on top of me. And she got her bush waxed off that day. So we proceed to have sex. The whole time I was thinking about bottoming again because it was quite enjoyable after a while and just felt so dirty wrong and sexy. Fucked my wifes ass that night too and cummed in it. We both had cum in our ass when we went to sleep

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