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    Straight Female / 33

    I am 33 and got put in my place. It was over behavior. I was getting drunk and he told me to stop drinking, I refused and he exercised his male privilege, his authority over me as my boss, his age difference, not to mention that he outweighs me by 100 pounds. He stopped me dead with his voice. I have worked for him for seven years and I have never heard him speak like that to anyone. He has always been over patriarchal with me, sometimes too much, but this time he was telling me to sit and shut up and behave, and I sat and I shut up and I behaved.

    My relationship with him now is much more patriarchal. Much more, it is absolute. He is now my father and I am now his daughter. My relationship went sexual. He is big enough to do what he wants, and I am small enough for him to do it. He chose to establish himself over me and he did. I don't tell him to his face, but I do say it to other people, he is Daddy and I don't break the rules.

    His hand on me is enough for me to be compliant. His voice has the same effect. When he comes to see me I let him pick me up. When he has sex with me I am all little girl which turns me on faster than you can imagine. I revert to being a child and he can carry me, take me where he wants, lay me down where he wants, strip me and do what he wants, any way he wants. After he has completed his mission, I crawl up into his arms to be held. That is one of the advantages of being small.

    I never felt this way before, I used to get angry and frustrated when he lorded it over me at work and would pull his father tone on me. I like being the daughter figure, I like being his object of desire. Now it makes my insides flutter, not to mention what it does to my kitti, when he calls for me or pulls me into his lap.

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