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    ok here it is, im a single farther of 2 but only have one kid for now.the kid i have now is my 6 year old son but im kind of seeing someone and my son calls her mom and i love it. but my son is getting at that age he's ccuoirs about playing with his dick and humping things so ive been wondering should i teach him how to jerk off right or let him find out, but i found out from a friend.And the main question i real wanted to know is the woman im seeeing who my son calls mom, would it be ok if i let her take my sons virginity and what age would be ok for him. im ok with my gf taking his virginty cuz i was 10 and she was 12 but i didnt cum till i was 14 to a 28 year ok im ok with it cuz theres a different between sex and making love.i just want it to be special for him and whats not more special then his stepmom taking his virginty

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    If you let that happen, it wouldn't be a "one and done". Your son would be after your wife EVERY day for a repeat. He would be persistent. Maybe not at first, but eventually he would be very persistent. So, not a good idea.
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    ok thanks but how about a family masturbation so he see a naked woman

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    I can think of one thing more special - not having a fucking idiot like you as his father.
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    #1 respondent is spot on.
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    Oh well, I'm really not satisfied with any of the replies. Let me attempt, as an older man I think I have been through it all. To start, your son in only 6 years old. He is not masturbating, jacking off as you call it, he is only playing with himself because at 6 it feels good to play with it but sex in general is not on his mind. Leave him alone, let him enjoy his playing but you might just counsel him and explain that what he is doing may feel grate but should be done in private. And, leave your gf out of this. It's way to early. I recall plain when I was a small kid, maybe not 6 yet but our landlord had a really cute teen aged daughter who would visit us and while my mom was in the kitchen, this girl wouls enjoy having me push her backward unto a bed and let her dress fly up over her head and would giggle. I could see her hairy pussy but at the time I never really thought much about it. One day she did lay me on the bed, pull my overalls down and played with my dick and I'll admit it did feel good but sex never crossed my mind. So, please, for your son and gf's concern and innocence, forget about them while dealing with this. Your son will learn in time from fellow school mates.
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    Make him cover his eyes and have her suck him a little
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    #6, who are you? A kid, an adult, a female? Would you get satisfaction sucking a 6 year old? Do you think a 67 year old would realize what was happening if he was blindfold? Get you head out, all of you. This action with any 6 year old is not a joke.
    And, why is all this being shutdown on March 31?
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    The answer is no he is only a child let him find out which he will do as I did as a child, we played games you show me yours and I will show mine with sisters or brother, I soon found about wanking when I saw my mum giving my dad a wank, he will find out,

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