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    Straight Male / 40

    I was overly sexual at a young age. I had fooled around with several of my friends. Mostly just hand jobs and sucking each other off. I fell in love with masturbating and cleaning out my hole to finger. I had a close friend that I played with a lot. He told me how good it felt to stick your finger up your bum. He would not do it to me, but we had a lot of fun together.

    Not long after I found an older boy in my neighborhood who said he would try it. I was out in the older boys garage and sucked his dick for awhile like I had promised in exchange for him fingering me. I bent over a bench, and began to rub my hole in anticipation. He had stashed some vaseline in a cupboard. He put it on my hole and pushed in. It did not give much resistance since I had been playing with it so much. I felt so good. It felt kinda naughty and really really good. I saw him stroking his cock with his other hand. When he started to rub his engorged mushroom head against my hole I knew what was going to happen. I did not say anything, but as I pushed back against his cock he knew I wanted it. He blew his load in me, and then we really did not say much about it. He fucked me a lot after that and it always felt very casual.

    My favorite experience involves going to the Y when I was younger. I got a hard on in the steam room while two older men were in there. One was older and bigger dicked than the other. They were talking and kinda motioned at my erect member which embarrassed me at first. The older of the two actually got up and started stroking his cock in clear view of me. As he did it he kept an eye out the tiny porthole window that looked into the hallway leading to the steam room. He looked at me and asked if it was all right. I did not know what to do so I just nodded yes. After a short time the older one said something to the younger one. The young one got up and started to slowly fondle himself. The older one still masturbating walked right in front of me. Cock at eye level. Stroking back and forth. I began to sit up sheepishly. He took that as a que to stick his dick up to my lips, which I opened for him. Not long after I began to polish his knob his friend motioned someone was coming. The dick left my mouth and we all tried to hide our hard-ons. After I was flacid enough I went out to shower off. The older man followed me out. We saw each other in the parking lot. He pointed to an old chevy van. I think he might have been living in it. He drove me to the back of a walmart parking lot pulled the blinds and fucked me hard. I was moaning and pushing back as he came inside me. I kept squeezing down on his dick milking the cum out. We swapped numbers and the next time I met him at an adult arcade. He fucked me while I sucked a random cock at the glory hole.

    I went through several adult book store phases. We had several in our town with gloryholes. One even had the arcade in a basement level. It had a separate entrance and nobody checked IDs like they did upstairs where they sold porn. The first time I went I picked a booth some where in the middle. A dick came in from both sides. I was a little unsure what to do, and was paranoid being in there, so I just jerked them both and sucked on the heads. It took me less than a a few months and I was pretty comfortable. There was one booth that was the perfect width for met to take a dick in one glory hole while sucking a dick from another. It became addicting to just go in put $10 in the machine and then let dick after dick pummel my hole. Often I would meet a guy from the internet there and then stay to play longer. One of the most memorable was when I had gone into a larger room with a guy I had chatted with online. He fucked me and left me dripping cum laying naked on the bench I was tired and enjoying fingering his cum when another guy came in. It was one of the two employees working that night. He said I need to put more money in the arcade or go. I said sorry and started to get up. He walked over and said I could give you more time while he rubbed his dick through his shorts. I reached forward to grab at his waist band. He pushed my hand away and motioned me to bend back over. He pulled out his cock and put a condom on. His dick was not that big and I had just got fucked, so I did not mind that he just rammed it in and got to work. After he came I could feel him brace his dick and hear him pull at the condom. He zipped up and left making sure to leave the door propped open. I reached back and felt the lip of the condom he had left full of cum in my ass. I thought it was kinda hot I played with it a little in my hole then pulled out and threw it away. As I fingered my now very wet hole I heard the door close and a belt buckle undo.

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