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    Straight Male / 44

    My daughter, slim, nice body, LOVES tight clothing. So we are going to go away together for a few days, just a break. I told her i have a suprise for her. What she doesnt know is what kind of suprise.

    I ordered some very tight and nice latex stuff for her which i know she will try eveen for curiousity.

    So she will be in rubber stockings, rubber bra, rubber gloves to begin then i have a black super tight leotard for her which she can wear with the rubber stockings and gloves. Of course ill need to check it all fits perfectly.

    Shes of age, just a note for the zombies lol

    Im sure she will love two hands giving her a good rubbing.

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    do you plan to give her a sperm injection?
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    I wish I was slim and 19 again. to make up for all I missed and needed to experience.
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    #2 what is your story? Are you having sex with your own father, but you two started it at old age?

    My dad and I began it when I was in mid thirties. I'm now in my forties and he is in his sixties. I don't miss our missed opportunities, although we could had began much earlier than we did. But we enjoy and are thankful of everyday we can have together.

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