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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Since I grew up in residential school I always had gay encounters from the age of 15... and it was always just blowjobs and handjobs... no penetration... it grossed me out always.. the fear for the pain is also reason for aversion..after schooling ,in college had a pretty good sex life with women varing from 18 to 40âs.. but I never know I had things for shemales unless I was in Thailand last summer. It was all just massages With happy ending.. but was awesome. No other encounters. After getting back to my place I mastrubated a lot to shemale videos. Mostly one that involves a male female and shemale. Then to my surprise found a tinder match who happened to be a shemale. Not a hooker. A shemale in a respectable job. Met her. She was beautiful , elegant and well composed. Had couple of drinks. We straight away got to work once we entered the room. It was all kissing. Undressed ourself. There she was with a decent size boobs and a hard erected cock. Such a turn on. She was too good at blowing and I put her cock and in my mouth and sucked it all slow and deep while playing with her breast. As she moans I got aggressive and sucked the cock real bad. I loved sucking it. She said she wanted in her ass.. bummer.. I donât have a condom. So we decided to help each other out and finished with a handjob.. I canât wait to meet her next and give it in her ass... she likes it hard and submissive she told me.. waiting to treat her like my bitch.. even I might get my first anal penetration.. who knows.. btw I still fuck women!

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    FYI just so you know, many transgenders find the label, "shemale" offensive. You might be better off using 'Tranny" for short.

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    Well sounds like they do have some woman in them after all

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