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    I will make this short as I have plenty more stories. I was in high school I played football for three years I moved and decided to focus on graduating and hustling making sales selling my ass n dick I had no family and was living with foster parents my boyfriend and I shared a room and bed his mom and her boyfriend knew we were both gay but no one in school knew about us though they knew my lover was gay. Unlike my last school I wasnt in many social circles other than gothic guys who were open minded one of them knew I was gay we had sex several times my lover sal and his mom had a 3 bedroom house she was on drugs and was a stewardess so she was never home her boyfriend was secretly gay and they eventually became more like roommates we had a young black neighbor with dreads she used to fuck he was bi or maybe I just bring it out of dudes I used to get my stuff from his uncle who was gay I would suck his dick and let him fuck me for discounts I fucked him day at school there was this french looking guy but was kinda a jock and he always seemed to be in competition with me.we had gym class together he would always try and compare bodies I'm 6'1 black light skinned pretty dude with juicy lips I always stay smooth shaven and don't like body hair I now weigh 205 solid muscle six pack with an 11 inch dick and have a nice round big ass men love it oooh I get turned on talking bout my ass anyway not too brag I'm pretty sexy.anyway Pierre was competing with me in weight lifting I benched 280 he benched 205 everyone laughed and he left the gym. I saw him later and he disrespected me I shrugged it off and hit the showers I used to help the gym teacher so I had a key I hit the showers he came in later and was at first minding his own business I remember staring at his ass it was hot I turned away and he came and apologized then we kinda hugged then he started playing and we were laughing he then said damn dude you got bigger arms than me bench more than me and your dick is bigger he kept commenting on my cock he said damn you got a sweet ass dude I said your ass is sweet too then he was like you must be stronger than me let's find out he tried to wrestle with me I protested at first then he got serious so I clamped down on him he started calling me n****r so of course I was pissed.i got him down and was behind him he started shouting ah you motherfucker he felt my dick poking his ass he got hard.he shouted oooh so you dominated me and now you're going to fuck my ass huh I said I think that's what you wanted you envied me but really you wanted me you wanted me to overpower you and fuck that sweet ass he said fuck you fuckin faggot I got angry but said oooh I like that baby I am a gay n***a bitch ho faggot but now you my bitch his ass was wet from soap and water cuz he just took a shit so I rammed my dick in his ass he screamed ahhh you just gonna take that shit I said oooh yeah baby and kissed his mouth he said fuck you and I kissed him again and was long stroking him for 20 mins he was moaning and came twice without touching himself after that I pumped him so hard he hollered ahhh motherfucker you really fuckin me I said but you like that shit though right and slapped his face and smacked his ass and said HUH he said yes daddy FUCKKK I told prove it he said how I kissed him he licked my lips I came in his ass while he came for the 5th time he immediately ran out the shower. The next day I had the house to myself and I heard a knock at the door.i thought Pierre had went to the cops but I opened the door and it was was raining hard and all he had on was his sister's boy shorts and a cut off muscle shirt her shorts were all white and he was soaking wet so I saw he had no underwear he asked if we could talk I said come in and we went to my stepdad room I never invited another in me and Sal's room he said he couldn't stop thinking about what I did to him he said he was not angry or upset but confused and excited.when he got home that night he jerked off and used his mom dildo on himself he was confused because he assumed he was straight but said he was the hottest thing ever and picked a fight with me hoping I'd fuck him he said he hated me at first and was obsessed with me one of his friends told him he thought he was attracted to me.i then said so you came here just to tell me that he said I came here cause I want you you are so fuckin hot he then took his shirt off and pulled down his shorts and said I dressed up like this for easy access daddy I grabbed his hair and kisses him he said I'm already lubed up fuck the shit out of me so I shoved my dick in his ass and fucked him for an hour. I started going to his house me and sal were still fuckin but no more love like before we graduated sal went to school in San Francisco I stayed in town his mom moved out Pierre eventually moved for college I fucked him one last time he cried and told me he loved me.i stayed with my stepdad for 2 years he said he always wanted to fuck me but now that it's just us he can fuck me he was my lover for awhile though we did see other people he loved when I dressed up he used to get drunk and xaned up so after I fucked sal to sleep I would ride his massive dick in his sleep he's 6'4 240 solid muscle 14 inch dick oooh I miss him and a fat started with me sucking him and swallowing his nut then riding him he once told me he knew bout the time I fucked him in the ass he played sleep he liked it I remember him moaning and when I came we kissed he said when I left he was jacking off to my naked pics he wanted me so bad.he thought I had moved out like everyone else but came home and saw me sucking off my plug I developed a little habit but was taken care of by several sugar daddies I was getting my shit for free when he left my stepdad and I got high together he told me about the ass fucking and he liked it and I said yasss daddy now it's just you and me I walk around in my night gown you walk around with that big dick swinging with yo sexy fine chocolate ass normally not into older guys but at the time he was 38 when I got there and this was 9 months later he had a bald head I used to love to kiss and lick he loved it too.he was surprised I thought he was sexy I said fuck yeah you is the sexiest old motherfucker I know he laughed and said damn baby boy if I knew that I would have kicked they ass out a long time ago he said I knew you and sal wouldn't work out he too fem I know you like that though which is why I thought you wouldn't want me I even stay shaved cause I know that's what you like.i then said yes daddy you need to let them muscles glisten oooh and that dick is lovely and that ass baby oooh he asked can you handle this dick I said I have I would ride that dick in your sleep he then said I wonder why I woke up in nut he then admitted while I was passed out drunk he grinded on my booty and I woke up and swallowed his nut and smiled then he kissed me and swapped nut I got so turned on and whimpered daddy why didn't you stick it in my pussy he said didn't think you could take it especially passed out I said oh I'm bout to show you I can take it he said oooh you gonna show me I said yes baby I'm bout to make it good for you you see I been waiting for you in my pink nighty in my g string you sexy as FUCK I yelled he said you the prettiest sexiest dude ever I want you so I said take me we kissed wild and passionately for 30 minutes straight him feeling up my booty kissn my neck I then started sucking his dick and eating his ass he then picked me up I giggled like a little girl he started sucking me he said you're perfect then started eating my bootyhole for 5 mins I was moaning like a bitch I became a thirsty slut ho who only wanted him I couldn't take it so I grabbed his face and kissed and licked him hard and said fuck me FUCK ME he said oooh I love it when you do that shit baby boy I said I'm not yo baby boy tonight I'm yo woman I'm yo wifey yo bitch yo gay slut freak faggot sissy girl daddy he licked my tongue I said oooh I like when you like this daddy when you get wild like animal he said I lick all over yo sexy ass I replied you sexy big black Mandingo foine mufucka stick that big dick in this pussy oooh he stuck it in he asked is it good I said oooh yes only the tip was in stick it deeper he went an inch deep and I grabbed his head and said shove that big dick all up in this pussy he did one small thrust and then shoved it hard in my booty I got all the way in falsetto and yelled shove that shit up in my ass and then he rough fucked me for 20 mins kissing me I licked his head mouth tongue and said oooh baby you fuckin this pussy good daddy oooh I then told him I love you baby daddy I love you he said I love you too baby you my baby I started crying and saying yes daddy love me down make love to me I started kissing on his head he was bout to cum and said where you want it baby I said cum in my pussy baby get me pregnant I want you to be my baby daddy you gonna be my baby daddy he said no I'm gonna be yo husband I said I love you and kiss him he came In my ass and I snuggle up to him kiss and we gazed in each other's eyes for an hour crying and telling each other we love each other he asked if I wanted to fuck him I said yes but not tonight and even though I'll fuck you I'm still your woman and you my man so for 2 years I stayed with him and besides his sexy white cowboy best friend he was the only one to fuck me and I only fucked him on Friday night in our alone time and on the weekend Chet daddy and me would have a vers 3 way but the usage got bad he got locked up and we were not speaking I lived with Chet until he got tired of me only bottoming I was a total bottom for 3 years after that dressing in drag and getting fucked 8 times a day usually in gangbangs I would even get felt up in public bathrooms a guy saw me looking at his dick and whipped it out and said wanna suck it I sucked him he then took me to his truck I was sucking him my ass popping out of my jeans and a guy was looking and when I was done the white guy gave me 100 dollars I didn't even ask for money but he said that was the best blowjob he ever had you deserve it the guy watching me said how much you charge I said I don't charge I just wanted some dick he said you got a sexy ass I said you know I'm not a girl but a pretty gay boy he said I know I'm gay too he was discreet but no girl at home I had no car and lived in and out of hotels I had money but I moved around a lot so I saw no need to get a house or an apartment he drove to his house and I sucked his dick on the way when we pulled up to the drive way he was all over me kissing me we walked to the door I was already out of my pantyhose I had sexy lingerie and stocking underneath my skinny jeans and a tight tank top above my navel he fucked me on his step I stayed with him for a month then bounced I now live in key West and as of today I have 2 new boyfriends a hatian and a Puerto Rican both vers with big dicks and fat asses they stayed with the Puerto Rican mom and have now moved in with me I met the hatian last night and the Puerto Rican today we are sleeping in the same bed and I have a pussy full of cum and 2 baby daddies I'm vers but mostly bottom they been tearing my booty up all day I only got a break to write cause they fuckin each other I'm in my car writing this bout to go to my neighbors house and let him and his son fuck me I'm letting them have the place for tonight

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