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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    You can call my story fake all you want I'm not sharing it to brag or anything just need to get it off my chest.. it's not something I'm proud of or ever thought would happen to me so this was a couple years back when I was about 26. Back then I partied pretty hard drinking and using drugs. I use to party at this one house every other weekend with some older swinger types of people well one night every body was pretty crazy having fun well me and one guy got into a wrestling match just as fun. Well I wound up losing and while on all fours catching my breathe he says I need to blow the Victor. Well I told him to fuck off we didn't agree to it. Well another drunk guy puts me in a full Nelson with my hands up and helps the other dude to make me suck him. A lot of people are watching and encouraging more. One woman even came and undid my pants and tugged thrm off my waist well the dude I'm blowing holds my head down a cums and says he won't pull out till I swallow so I did and they let me drop to all four again. Well the guy who held me from behind said he was next and I said fuck no he wasn't I was just r**ed.

    Everybody kinda laughed at me as I went to try and get up the dude put me in a choke hold and choked me out. I woke up laying facedown on an ice chest with my hands zip tied to one handle and him fucking me. Well I started shouting so they gagged me with a rag or some towel. What felt like more than 7 other guys ran a train on me. Only to then have a bottle shoved in me a few fist. And one woman's foot. By that point I was just trying to enjoy myself after another line they asked if I like being a used bitch and asked if I'd ever been knotted... Never heard of it before that night. And will never forget being mounted and humped and feeling that knot cum in me as people watched and laughed. One woman told while waiting for the Knott to shrink that me and her were now the only ones who had ever tried it. And awkwardly glad I did because that was the best part

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