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    Straight Male / 36

    My roommate is tweaking but doesn't think I can tell. She smells like body odor, cheap body spray and strong female odor. She frequently digs in her crotch to scratch her vagina. She is a gross pig that hooks up with random guys and brags about not using protection even though she is HSV2 positive and refuses to take her Valtrex.

    I am both disgusted and aroused by her. She oozes sexual filth and I am inexperienced with self confidence issues because I am hung like a baby. I secretly get off to SPH videos and have been lucky enough to endure the exquisite torture of being mocked or teased when a girl discovers my thumb sized boner. I even get aroused by laughing followed by disappointed pity sex and look of boredom. My neighbor texts or plays games on her phone when I have drugs she wants.

    But my roommate seems like too much risk and I wanted to see her reaction to my small size so I went in the bathroom and started slowly stroking myself while she was over at the neighbors fucking the guy for meth. The walls are paper thin and I listened to her beg him to fuck her harder and deeper because she wants to earn a big rock. He fucked her on a bed against the wall and they made no effort to be quiet as he finished inside her and she screamed that she could feel him cumming in her.

    I was incredibly aroused and went into the bathroom but didn't lock the door- I sat on the toilet and touched my throbbing thumb sized hard on as much as I could but even a slow stroke was too much and I wasn't ready to cum yet.

    I listened and waited. I was still extremely aroused when I heard his front door slam followed by my front door opening and shutting with a gentle push. I was sure she would need the bathroom, she always complained that doing meth makes her have to shit, but I hoped she would walk right in instead of knocking first.

    I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as I began to stroke my tiny dick. I heard the door open and felt the rush of air movement but continued stroking two Mississippis before "coming around" to see Sarah standing there with her mouth agape in shock that quickly turned to laughter and pointing. She kept saying she caught me and told me my penis was tiny and that I would never pleasure a woman if they can't feel it.

    I looked directly at her and failed to ejaculate like I planned so I stopped and pretended to hide myself and be embarrassed. She told me it was too late and I was caught, she walked over to me, hiked up her skirt and sat on my dick facing me. I exploded immediately and she giggled while I ejaculated inside her pussy. She asked me how I liked sloppy seconds and said I was pathetic before climbing off of me. I love how she looks at me now.

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