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    Straight Male / 25

    I have my neighbour she is older than me. Busty woman. I have this fantasy of totally dominating her in the elevator.
    Where I push her by the throat firmly holding and ordering to take my penis off. And I rip her clothes a little..Her bust start to show off she breathes heavilly so am I...

    We both standing in the dim light.. Her cleavage showing, sticking out makes me hard and I start to pee on her
    cleavage as we both are in standing position. Seeing her soaking makes me crazy. Her wet shirt and see through nipples soaked from my urine. I pee on her neck seeing how the stream of water goes down between her breasts. She moans and it all this scene makes me even more crazy.. I order her to open her clothes even more and there she goes with her both hands rips her shirt a bit wider. She puts her bra down she is all soaked all wet in that dim light elevator.
    As I watch it I order her:
    Take my cock and shoot it all over yourself!
    She then takes my throbbing cock and arches her self head backwards just so her tits stick out even more.
    Cannot control it, I let it explode on her neck and her big breasts. As I see her all wet with my cum dripping from her chin on her tits and on the floor I just push my cock in her soaking pussy and pound her mercilessly as I cum and she pees on my cock at the same time. As I back down I watch her moaning soaked in my juice, the white cum on her tits the and the piss with cum dripping down her thighs and the elevator arrives as the scenario ends...

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