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    Straight Male / 20

    You: m
    Stranger: 19fuk
    You: mm
    Stranger: Age?
    You: 26
    You: Pissing as the other forms of domination
    You: turns me on
    Stranger: I love being pissed in and on
    You: babe
    You: I'd love to order you
    You: get own on your knees
    You: rip your shirt so your cleavage shows up
    You: and soak your neck and body
    You: makes me hard thinking about it
    Stranger: Mmm I want you to make me take your big cock down my throat and piss in my mouth
    You: mm
    You: forcefully
    You: i'd push it slow iinside
    You: and when the throat touches my throbbing cock
    You: I release it
    You: pissing in your mouth
    Stranger: Mom yes please and any I didnât drink that got on my tits or shirt or in my hair would need to be left all day so everyone knew I was a toilet whore
    Stranger: Mmm*
    You: totally dominating and loving every moment
    You: my filthy slutty cum whore
    Stranger: Mmm yes I want you to use my filthy whore holes and wash your cum away with your piss
    You: i'd love to shoot my filhy cum all over your neck and tits
    You: and seeing your soaked in my cum and piss
    You: put my pulsating cock in your dirty ass
    You: and push it strongly and hardly
    You: while choking you and telling what a slutty whore you are
    You: Now
    You: Open your mouth
    Stranger: Mmmm yes Iâm your nasty worthless cum rag
    Stranger: Yes sir
    You: so I can push my thick cock
    You: that gagging sound you make
    You: choking spitting
    Stranger: Iâm playing with my swollen c**t too
    You: I shoot my cum
    You: inside your throat
    You: you choke on it
    You: and it drips through your nose
    You: your tears come up too
    You: I piss on it
    You: your cum and urine soaked filthy slut
    Stranger: Mmm yes Iâm desperate to cum
    You: stand up!
    Stranger: But I donât deserve it
    Stranger: Yes
    You: I order
    You: grab your throat
    You: push you against the wall
    You: slow and strong thrusting inside your filthy pussy
    Stranger: Mmm please stick it in my tight asshole
    You: now
    You: when I am gonna release my cum
    You: o order you
    You: piss now!
    Stranger: Mmm yes
    You: all over my twitching cock
    You: its pulsating
    You: seeing my cum dripping outside your dirty c**t
    You: with my white cum
    You: mmm
    You: gosh baby i spank your face
    You: hold your throat
    You: put my tongue inside your mouth deeply
    You: want it more?

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    So hard to follow.
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    You: fucking stupid
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    You, fusking saddo.

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