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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    Growing up in rural Indiana really was nice but kinda boring since there wasnât a town for miles. Nothing but farm land for miles. When I was 13 I started helping a farmer down the road so I could make a little bit of money too. Farmer always wore bib overalls with a white t shirt and white briefs underneath. I started giving him blowjobs for a little bit of extra money. Heâd lower his bibs down, Iâd hold his briefs down and suck his uncut hairy sweaty cock at the end of the day sometimes. I never let him cum in my mouth though. That went on for years. When I was older he had me bend over some hay bails, he grabbed a globe of some Vaseline he had in his barn and he fucked my virgin ass there. Big did that hurt but kinda figured it would. Felt funny walking home with my butt full of cum and my hard dick leaking precum in my briefs. I sucked his dick more than he ducked my ass. Iâd let him fuck my ass once a week to once every other week. He has the most hairy cock I had ever seen but I thought it was hot. Havenât seen that guy in 10 years and havenât done anything with a guy in that long and have no desire. I think my mom may have seen me bent over a hat bail one day when she was coming to pick me up one evening, if she did she never said anything about it. Because I remember that evening, he just started fucking me and my mom pulled in the drive, he asked if I wanted to go and I said no just finish. It only took like 3 to 5 minutes for him to cum since my ass is very tight. Pulled my briefs up, my jeans up and got in my moms mini van lol.

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    When I was a younger kid the farm boy's that lived near my grandparents summer cottage were wereting into my boy's briefs daily. It was fun and I liked it, especially the warm feeling of my butt stuffed with cum. We'd do it almost anywhere since it was basically a bunch of real quickies.

    A farmer who's barn loft was one of our usual spots we'd use for sex after skinny dipping in his pond took notice. He'd been watching us swimming and then scampering into his barn barely clothed in our assortment of briefs. I'd fallen asleep after being well fucked by the three older boys that took turns on me. I was in my underpants, tight little white ones. I awoke with the farmer's hands all over me and his larger than life cock fully exposed hanging from his overalls.

    He pressed it to my lips and I sucked without being told till he came. I looked up at him afterwards and knew by how he looked at me that he wasn't finished. With my briefs in his fist he finished inside of me and as he squirted the pain of his too big of a cock warmed the pain away. He lustfully smiled as he wiped his cum glistening dick dry with my tighty-whities. As I slipped embarrassingly into my cum slick underpants he smacked my fresh fucked cute little butt and said "Dem boypanties looks so good wrapped around dat boypussy I just gotta do it again!" And he did, this time making me sit on it.
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    Have either of you faggots started your period yet?
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    Wow #2. The answer is no, it is not gay to take a dick in the ass. Guys have a prostate that needs to be stimulated and only one way to get to it.
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    #3 Wow, it is not gay for a male to suck cock and take one up the ass? Hello, is there anybody in there? Guess not....
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    #4 so every guy must be gay because sooner or later your doctor is gonna put his or her finger in your butt to check your prostate.
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    Pitchin or catchin, your playin baseball. It's funny how queers try to justify suckin dick.

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