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    I was in the sixth grade and she was in the fifth grade. We were friends because our fathers knew each other. On the particular weekend her father invited my father to go out with him to see some land. He told my dad that he was taking Stephanie and maybe I should come along. We left around noon, stopped at a roadside café for lunch and arrived at our destination around two o'clock. Following them around was boring. There was a pond there and her father told us if we wanted we could stay there and maybe go swimming, but to be careful.

    We hung around and it was hot and she said that we should go swimming and I said we had not brought a bathing suit, and she said not to be such a sissy, we would go in our underwear. She embarrassed me into taking off my clothes except my underwear and then she got out of her clothes except for her panties. We held hands and walked into the pond. The water was cold, and we stepped carefully, bit by bit until we had to dunk under water and stand up.

    My underpants, those famous all embarrassing boy whitey tidy underwear clung to me and my penis, she laughed and said it was one thing she didn't have to worry about. We swam around for a good while, she wanted to be held with my arms around her chest, and she leaned back and kicked while I held her. She turned around and wrapped her legs around my waist holding on with her hands around my neck. I could feel myself get an erection, she held on tighter and asked me if she could see it.

    We stood up, the water wasn't that deep and my erection was pushing hard against my underwear. I let her see and she held it with her hand. She asked me if I liked girls, she wanted to be my girlfriend. We slunk back down so we were underwater out to our necks and she held on with one arm and held my penis with her other hand. She asked me to repeat after her, that I promised never to let another girl grab my dick.

    After a while we got cold and decided to go lay out on the grass, she lay beside me holding my hand, catching the sun. Her panties were wet and tight on her, her unmistakable slit clearly marked. I asked what it felt like to have a pussy and she said she didn't know. What did it feel like to have a dick? She then turned and got on me, straddling me with her legs, her hands on my chest and her face on her hands. She looked at me, she asked me to hold her, to put my arms around her waist and hold her and she lay her head on my chest.

    By the time our father's returned, which was a little over an hour later we had dried off enough to dress. When her father came up she kissed him and told him that I had agreed to be her boyfriend so I could come over whenever I wanted.

    I rode my bike to see her, drove my mother's car to see her when I got my DL, she was always given permission to go with me, wherever we went. We didn't have sex until we were senior and junior in high school, and she laid on me afterwards and put her hands on my chest and laid her face on her hands and asked that I hold her tight.

    We have been married twenty two years now, and every year it is the same, I fall in love with her one more time.

    She is also a terrific Mom.

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    What a beautiful story. That Is for sharing it. ð
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    Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing

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