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    Straight Male / 31

    I usually look at porn on the internet but my wife caught me before and has made it clear she doesn't want me doing it. This one day I get surprised by her and her mother and they caught me looking. My wife was extremely pissed and her mother witnessed how angry she was. I agreed not to do it again. About two weeks later I am doing the same thing again and who do I get surprised with but the two of them. They were not supposed to be home for hours. My wife was even more pissed than before and her mother once again witnessed how angry she was and helped calm her down. I knew I had to be more careful and was in the future.

    It was about a week later and my wife was out and I was home alone with her mother. we are just casually talking and she tells me to get undressed. I asked her to repeat herself because I didn't think I heard her right. She tells me to get undressed once again and I refuse. She tells me to do it or she will tell my wife she caught me surfing porn. I tell her that wasn't true. She tells me it wasn't important if it was true or not and asks who my wife would believe me or her. With the recent incidents my wife was more likely to believe her. She tells to undress again or else.

    I undressed and she gave me a full once over look at me. She then tells me we can start having some fun. This was the first time her seeing me naked. She was always a very nice reserved woman and I was completely surprised by her actions and demands. She was single but I was married to her daughter and wondered what she had in mind. She said she wasn't like me by looking at nude people on the internet. She said she liked seeing them in person and doing things. I asked how often she does this and was told it was her first time. She told me to get it hard. She had to ask me twice before I did. I stood there stroking it to get it hard which she seemed to enjoy watching. She told me to stop and stood up. She began to undress. I was surprised by this and wondered if she was thinking for us to have sex. She was on a chair, legs spread, rubbing her clit. I just stood and watched her. She stopped and told me she was ready and to basically get to work. There I was with my cock in my wife's mother. I knew this was not right but figured if I was doing it I might as well enjoy it. Everything I did she was more than welcoming with.

    Once done she tells me she hopes this stops me from surfing porn. She tells me she knows I probably still do it and goes on to say there must be something lacking sexually in my life and she was there to assist with whatever I needed or whenever I needed it. She tells me she didn't want me and her daughter breaking up which is why she did this. She also said we should keep this just between us because she didn't know how my wife would take it. I think her mother did this more for her own benefit than anyone else's because she was the one always initiating the sessions. I did enjoy our sessions and it did cause me to surf porn less.

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    Your M.I.L. is a nut-job but why not give her what she wants? Let her embroider her silly background story, just give her plenty of pipe. She obviously needs it.

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