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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    Guess I was a bit of a dummy kid. My friends and I likes to get in trouble. We got caught trespassing and some other stuff and the county judge knew us and especially me. He made me go to juvenile detention center for my whole summer break from school one year. Claiming it would keep me out of trouble and teach me a lesson. Juvenile center was rough near me but I figured whatever, it’ll be fine.

    Yeah spent my whole summer there getting my ass fucked by three older kids that had been there for almost a year. All started the second night I was there when I was out in a cell with them. Never got into anymore trouble after that

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    Last year when I was fourteen I got in some trouble, stole a car and got caught. I too was in for only a few months before my parents could get me out. Some older tougher boy's started having sex with me right from the start. After some of the other boys found out that I was sucking them and getting fucked too, they started wanting to do it also. It was like every day and more than once too! After I got home I ended up fooling around with a guy who had tried to get in my pants before I got into trouble. I guess I kinda like it now?

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