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    Lesbian Female / 24

    When I was seven my cousin and I touched and felt each other. She was also seven at the time. Over the next several years, from time to time we would just have to touch each other, and we started kissing each other. She developed a little faster than me which made me jealous, we were thirteen and she had real boobs and I really didn't need a bra. Her pubes had all come in, and being a family problem, once you get pubes they are thick and dark. I would examine her, spread her legs out and use a flashlight to look inside her, this really dark world with this really red slash which was slippery and looked like the oysters my father ate at the seafood place. Her vagina hole would open and close, not really a lot, like it was breathing, depending on how she held her legs.

    I was different, she would tell me what she saw and it was always different. I just wasn't getting wet like her, but at the time I thought I was different. Another thing to be jealous about. Her boobs were so nice, she could lift them with her hand and put them together and pout her lips. Mine were just like flat, if I squeezed my shoulders together I could get a little bit of cleavage. It just wasn't fair. We were cousins, but we had different moms. My father is her mother's brother. And my mom would tell me that I couldn't expect to have my cousins body, we had different moms. At that time we were still thirteen.

    When we were sixteen, we had both gotten our driver's licenses, we would go places, we always went together. We were in an art class after school, a failure for both of us, we joined a cheerleading camp, another failure, we volunteered at the children's museum, not such a failure. But it really didn't matter, at sixteen we were just as close as we were when we were seven, except she had developed into a very pretty girl, with long brown hair and light brown eyes, and hips and those beautiful boobs of hers. I was long and had blonde hair and small boobs. We were cousins, but not like I wanted to be. She attracted boys, I didn't. I had friends, she had boys trying to get to her, and not just boys from our class.

    One afternoon, we were still sixteen, we had gone to this soccer game and when we got back to her house, she just took off her clothes and got on her bed. Her boobs always begged me to touch them and hold them and to play with her nipples. That afternoon it wasn't different, I was playing with her boobs and sucking on them, I loved the feel of her nipples in my mouth, my hand fell between her legs and I put my hand inside her panties which all she had on and found her vagina and fingered her while I sucked on her boobs. That day I kissed my cousin, a real deep kiss while I fingered her, and I took off her panties and I went down on her. Then we pulled a throw over our shoulders and dozed off for a while.

    The difference between my cousin and I is that she is all passive and I am all active when it comes to sex. I mean now she eats me and will get active after I spend some time getting her hot, but she is basically a beauty that likes to be pleased and I am all over her, pushing and shoving and grabbing and kissing and getting her hot, hot, hot. For a while we cleaned up our act down there, but we went back to all natural, I love opening her legs, that dark jungle all around her honey pot, her dark red glistening oyster just begging to be sucked. I love eating her, I know how to make her go nuts. Somehow, when we were conceived, we were conceived to be together. To fit each other like a hand and glove, for me not to be jealous of her, but to make her mine. It is just that she was always going to be a girl, to look like a girl, but to want to be loved by a girl, and I was destined to be the one to love her. I just got a serious bath of male want when it comes to wanting her. If I had been a boy, I would have fucked her when we were seven years old. That is what I felt back then, I just didn't know what that feeling was.

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