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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Everybody sins. I grew up fairly OK. When I went to college I made friends with this guy who liked to kid around, like jump on you and hold you down. He got himself on me and would ride me hard, shoving himself on me, getting my pants down, until one day he got what wanted and told me victory was his.

    He went to Belize where his parents had a house. He told me to come down. It was sex all day long, by then I knew how to lay down, how to let him do what he wanted, how to be prepared for him. I stayed there with him for four months. When I told him I was going back to finish college he treated me like a traitor.

    I went back, managed to get back in to college and finished up. I met a girl at my first job, she was all sorts of different. She came from a small town in Louisiana, she wore jeans and cowboy boots when she wasn't at work, she liked going to C&W clubs, she liked having her pants pulled down and getting fucked with her boots on while she kneeled and held herself up on her elbows. She was fairly possessive, overly jealous. If she thought I was loosing interest, she responded by being overly woman, cleaning my apartment, getting my laundry done, and giving blow jobs.

    That affair lasted a year and half.

    I met this other girl, she was 24. She came from a Catholic family, she was big into church. I didn't really know she was a virgin. Once she had sex she had to get married and fast, the sin was more than she could take. I never loved her, but I married her and once married she did what she had been taught to do, she had kids and I found myself with a mortgage, a wife, three kids. Catholic girls don't get divorced. I know now that when she got married she didn't love me either, it is just that she was Catholic and she had sex, and if she was married then she was going to have kids. Anyway she is still my wife.

    I took a job that made more money, I needed it, but it required lots of travel. I was gone 180 days a year, but she could stay home and raise the kids. When I got home from a long trip, she fixed a home cooked dinner, had something planned with the kids, got them off to bed and got naked and would lay spread eagled out on the bed. No blow job, no kissing, no rubbing, just fuck her and get it out of the way. Catholic girls are into duty, she never has been a lover.

    I got a lover ten years into the marriage. She was an Irish girl, with freckles and red hair. After being married for ten years to a Hispanic Catholic girl, with deep dark hair and brown eyes and black big bush, fucking an Irish girl with green eyes, red hair and a wispy light red bush, her pussy lips clearly visible, it was like having a treat. But the Irish girl was also a Catholic, just not so inclined, until she got pregnant. Catholic girls get pregnant. They are programmed to get pregnant. Created a huge mess, having those two girls arguing over child support, day care, watching the baby, it was a good thing that I had a job that kept me on the road, I let them figure it out. Four kids, three with dark hair, mother's looks, and this literally little red haired step child, with bright green eyes. Turns out that my grandmother Scott heritage came out.

    During those years I fucked them both. One would lay out like a duty bound doll, the other would suck till she got me to cum, liked having it hard, the other was all duty, one was ashamed to have me look at her pussy, the other would pull up her skirt and show me what she had waiting for me that night. Two Catholic girls, one Hispanic, the other one Irish, who loved/hated each other but made sure that if I wasn't with one, I was with the other. And that cute, beautiful little red headed child. Her eyes lit up the room, and she knew it.

    But things started to change as I got older. I met an Englishman in the bar at a hotel in Hong Kong. He put on a press, got me up to his room, and at fifty I sucked him hard, and I remembered well my days in college and I got back into the habit. Today I am friends with a man who I met at a civic affair, he owns and runs a garage door franchise, he is the man in charge and I am his suckling pig like I was in college. Good thing I am no longer traveling. My wife and my Irish girlfriend are even more Catholic now. The two of them get along, I don't think they believe they should, but that is what their fate is, to be together as friends. I don't get any sex from them now, they are both of the opinion they did their duty, they had the babies. So I go out and have a few beers, play a round of golf, and get together with my friend and we have some man friend time. Back to basics, back to the times with my friend from college.

    That is my life's passage, the sins of your past come back to you, you got to do what you like. It is a good cover to have a friend that likes to play golf.

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    Religion is a man made pile of dung. And the Catholic church invented hell as a way to control people through fear.

    Unfortunately, when you grow up indoctrinated by religion, it's rare to escape it (no matter which religion it is).
    Life is short. Enjoy it while you can.


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