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    Straight Male / 25

    My girlfriend broke up with me at a party. An argument followed and she tried to hurt me further by hooking up with some other guys at the party. She was drinking far too much and was barely able to walk without assistance from one of the group. I noticed that the guy helping her was also copping a feel of her tits every chance he got and so were his friends. It was very clear that she wasn’t making any attempt to stop them; she knows how jealous I get, so I assume that this was for my benefit and that she was actually enjoying the attention.
    Sometime later a friend came over and told me that she was completely wasted after playing a series of drinking games with them and that everyone was trying to get in her pants.
    I tried to speak to her and get her to leave, but she just told me to mind my own business.
    It wasn't long before some of the older guys at the party got wind of her condition and quickly took control of the situation and I watched helplessly as she went upstairs with them
    She was really out of it and they started on her straight away. I still can picture her limp in their arms being laid down on the bed. They quickly took off her top and played with her tits. I could hear her protesting but not with any conviction. One of the guys pulled down his pants and pushed his hard dick towards her face. I saw her open her mouth and take him in. As he pumped his cock in her mouth the other started pulling down her shorts ready to work on her pussy. She saw me standing there in the doorway and just. I can’t believe that she was prepared to sacrifice her self-respect, just to hurt me.

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    iF YOU RESPECT YOURSELhould hunt her down and kill her, just cut her thoat without touching the body. She's worth nothing anyway. Be smart, don't leave traces.

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