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    Time is a killer. I was reading a posting on here and thought about sex events from my life. Whenever I do that, Peggy comes to mind. This is 20 years ago (a shocker to me since it seems like a short while ago). At 14, I had absolutely no sex experience while waiting on line for a movie ticket on a Saturday night. I can't remember which sequel it was of the Die Hard series but not a great one. On line just behind me was a little skinny girl with red hair and wild green eyes that seemed to dart here and there.

    The box office attendant finally showed up and a lot of us on line were restless. Peggy started talking to me and rambled on about school. As it turned out, we were both freshmen in High School but in different schools. Peggy said, "Wow, you are a big boy. Are you big all over?" When she first said it, it went right over my head. She kept talking and often changed the subject. As the line finally began to move she asked if I wanted to have a milkshake later. She would treat. I gladly accepted.

    She followed me to the high end of the theater, in the back row, where I liked to sit. After the movie started, I felt her hand on my thigh and at first thought of moving my leg but I realized what she was after so I unzipped my hardening joint and popped it out. She looked and took hold of it and whispered..."Wow, big enough, man." I was super excited since no one had ever touched my pecker before. She played with it then shifted her body so she could go down and I felt at least half disappear into her mouth. That was my first oral and it was like being sucked by a vacuum cleaner, intense.

    I recall pulsing my sperm into her sucking mouth, around eight pulsing streams of cum and I held her head down. After I came, she licked me for a time then I looked around to see if anyone had seen us. No one had. After the movie, we went for the milkshake and she kept babbling on as if nothing had happened between us but now all I could think of was another blow job followed my fucking her so hard her red hair would stand up. I was absolutely dying to fuck her to see if it would be as good as the blow job.

    I asked her for her phone number but she kept babbling. I never got it. I had no idea who she was or even knew her full name. Two years later, we had a game with another school and I saw Peggy in the crowd from our adversary school. I was excited to see her and ran toward her. As I came close I noticed her belly looked like it had a medicine ball in it. She said that she was seven months pregnant. I was crestfallen. Today I would still try to fuck her but back then all I could think of was to wish her well and walk away, which is what I did. I still think of her and often wonder what became of her.

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