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    Straight Male / 33

    Continued from 36331

    Well there have been subsequent big cock challenges since my last posting in August. Some of have been friends and some of have been family. The most memorable one and it stocked even me was my wife's grandmother (Dimi's) mom who is 63 years old and a widow. Some may say "OMG" she is old but believe me Lynn has been the best sex partner ever.

    It all started at Thanksgiving as she hosted this time. After dinner i jad asked if I could laydown as I have been going non stop at work. Lynn directed me to hwr room as grandkids were slewping in the gueat room. I fell asleep quickly and at some point was awakened by a noise. The noise was Lynn in the adjoining washroom changing from her dress to more comfortable clothing. I stared in amazement as she peeled off her dress revealing a very tight and fit body much like my wife's and her mom's.

    For a 63 year old woman her tits were very nice and as she peeled off her panties I could see she shaved her box...mmmmmmmm. My cock had already been stirring but was now pulsating and at full attention. She exited the bathroom and went to a dresser for panties and a bra so I chose this moment to wake up. I made a yawning sound which startled her and she tries to cover up. I told her it was too late as I had already seen everything including my favorite part her shaven box. Lynn not one to be shy dropped her hands to her side and I could now get a better look at her tits. Again I was so impressed that this 63 year old was in such amazing shape.

    I motioned for her to come closer so she did. She made the comment "What would a 33 year old want with an old woman like me." I told she was beautiful and grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. "This is what you have done to me." Lynn was present at those girls weekends but now she waa seeing and feeling it first hand. I unzipped my fly and allowed her to pull my cock out and ahe alowly stroked me. I asked if she thought someone would come in to the room and ahe had mentioned she had locked it. It's not like I had time to fuck her but I might make her cum quickly.

    I had her lay back on the bed and began lapping at her mound and within minutes she came. It was no my turn so she began jerking me off and then went on to choke herself on my cock. She made it about 3/4's of the way down before coming up. Knowing we needed to speed things I began jerking myself off until I shot my load all over her tits and face before she milked what remained in to her mouth. Back in to the bathroom she went to clean up. Upon exiting she gave me a kiss and thanked me for the oral and the cumshots. She returned to the family and I continued sleeping.
    The next time ahe wants to take up
    the big cock challenge.

    I have more to this but battery is dying on phone...

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