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    Straight Female / 32

    I love sex and yes I cheat on my husband sometimes. Not because he neglects me or because I need attention or emotional support. I just love sex so when there's an opportunity and I know I wont get caught I will go for it sometimes.

    I've fucked three Uber drivers in the last year. The first time I realized I had no money, the guy was older but attractive and I was horny so I made him an offer and he took me up on it. So I paid for the ride with head and a really nice fuck in his car.

    The next two times I actually had the money but the guys were cute, one was younger than me and the other way older. Both interested me so I put on an act. OMG I'm so sorry I just realized I'm out of money and blah blah. Lol. A little flirting and offering to "do anything" and next thing you know I'm sucking dick then getting royally fucked.

    I've fucked other guys in more conventional settings but those Uber fucks were pretty fun! And yeah to all you Indian guys or whoever who are going tell me I'm a bitch or a slut whatever I already know. And I don't have any diseases either for the crew that's gonna go that route.

    Those that like sex and find it fun I hope to run into you some day!

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    [email protected]@h*****l.**m
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    Correct me if im wrong but you pay for your ride via the app and your card Its not money on arrival
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    I call bullshit
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    Are you Indian yourself then babe? Hit me up if in the south east region, Iâd pick you up anytime ;)
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    keep it up, sexy. Get that pussy railed as hard and as often as you can. your husband is a fucking idiot and deserves nothing but humiliation.
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    No matter who wrote the story, fantasy or not, I never drove Uber but a regular
    Yellow cab for two years while in school. I fucked around a dozen good women (of various ages, not picky) right in my cab in that time. I felt they loved it in the car. They all wanted more on later dates.
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    This is bullshit. Uber doesn't take cash. Just a loser's fantasy.

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