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    Straight Male / 32

    I had always wanted to get naked in front of a bunch of people. I have been to nude beaches before but I mean naked in a sexual way.

    I was on a business trip that had me away for two weeks. Near my hotel was a male strip club that advertised they had an amateur hour every night that allowed guys to get up on stage and strut their stuff. I seriously thought about doing it but knew I would never go through with it. One afternoon I did get up the nerve to go in and ask more about it. It was a woman who managed the place and she told it was a very simple process. Basically I would get up on stage and take off my clothes. She went on to say that most guys just strip to a G-string or thong while some take off everything. She had me take my shirt off and remove my pants. I wasn't expecting to do this but there I now was in just my underwear. She had me stand up and spin around for her so she could check me out. She had me stop with my back to her and asked for me to pull down the back of my underwear so she could see my ass. I wasn't prepared to do that but I figured with it just being me and her there I didn't think it could hurt. I did as she asked and had my bare ass exposed to her. She stood up from the chair she was sitting in and approached me. She told me I had a nice body with a very nice ass. She stood in front of me now and took it upon herself to take a peek into the front of my underwear. She said if I was thinking about doing it to come back and watch the other amateur guys to get a real sense of what it was all about before I commit to trying it. She handed me a release agreement to look over and told me I would need to agree and sign it before I would be allowed up on stage.

    I went back to my hotel and looked over the agreement. It basically said I voluntarily agreed to dance naked with no compensation. It also said that they could not be held liable should anyone take or use my image and that I agree to let them use my image to promote the amateur hour should they want to. Along with having to provide ID to prove my age and identity it all seemed like regular contract stuff. I wasn't going to do it so it didn't really matter.

    I was curious about the amateur hour and did go in to check it out first hand. I did feel a little uncomfortable being a straight guy going into a male strip club alone to watch guys dance naked. I watched the amateur guys and most did only strip to a G-string or thong but a few did go fully nude. The woman who I met with earlier saw me and came over to talk. She bought me a drink and asked if I was going to do it. I told her it would be too nerve racking. She told me I was worrying about nothing. She tells me I don't have to go naked and to look around at the audience. She says everyone is cheering the guys on and just having a good old fun time. She told me I should give it a try just once and said to let her know my decision. I watched the reactions the guys were getting and how comfortable they seemed on stage. I was getting jealous. I left right after amateur hour.

    The next day I thought about the night before. I was warming up to the idea of doing it and that night went back to the club with the signed agreement and my ID. The woman saw I was little nervous and bought me a few drinks to relax me. I then made it up on stage and with the crowd cheering began removing my clothes. Prior, I had already made my mind up if I actually got up on stage to do this I was going to take everything off and did. I was dancing on stage in front of about 100 people and once I was naked all my fears and nervousness went out the window. I enjoyed all the attention I was getting and displayed myself in some positions and poses that most would have considered very explicit. When it was all over it was quite a rush knowing I had completed a dream of mine.

    I was done my business trip and was back home. I looked up the website of the strip club and there was a section about their amateur hour. It contained pictures and video of some of the nights and it contained some of me. The pictures did not hide any parts and literally all one me could be seen. The video was the same. I didn't want everyone to witness that night and asked the club if the pictures could be removed. They pointed out the agreement I signed allows them to use my image to promote amateur hour and that's all they were doing. They told me they would not be removing them.

    My dream came true about wanting to be naked in a sexual way in front of a bunch of people but now that dream is causing me a bit of a nightmare as I only wanted it to be for one night. Now my one night can be lived over and over again by anyone who visits their website.

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    I want to see. Which website?

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