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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm actually 16 not 18. My boyfriend rolled me over on my stomach and was having sex with them then pulled out of me and pressed it up against my butthole. I didn't want this and tried to move around and away. He forced it into me and proceeded to have sex in my butt for another 10 minutes or so and then he shuddered, rammed it all the way in me and came. When he pulled out I pooped all over us. He was grossed out, I was embarrassed and I had to clean both of us up, and did my sheets in the laundry finishing re-making the bed as my mom came home from work. The house and especially my room smelled terribly. My boyfriend won't talk to me now.

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    Surprise anal is a shitty idea. That said your BF is a fag that doesn't deserve you. I would have cleaned you up, get you in the shower and fuck your ass proper making you scream in orgasm as your mom bangs on the door asking whats going on in there.
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    That's what he gets for just ramming it in there. Anal does take planning. He's a dick you'll find better.
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    Never do anal without prep work! But I had anal sex with my girlfriend in high school and she accidentally pooped. Her parents werenât home and she texted me to come over, told me she wanted to try anal. I was excited so I got naked quick, put a condom on and got on the bed. She lubed her butthole up and climbed on top. After she rode me for a good 10 minutes getting used to it, I flipped her over onto her stomach and started to really have sex with her. She was moaning like crazy and I was enjoying it. Then let her get back on top of me and she was riding me when she got a funny face. I felt something warm surrounded my penis in her and she ran to the bathroom quickly. My penis was covered in poop. I was shocked but it came with the territory. She came out of the bathroom and we got in the shower to wash up. She was embarrassed but I told her not to be. She finished me with a handjob in the shower and we havenât had anal since.
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    Anal sex requires a condom. Unlike the vagina it's teeming with microbes that can easily result in painful urethral infection. Put it on before you put it in. Anyone with the slightest medical background can tell you that. Forget what you see in pornos. Those freaks just don't give a shit but your anal lover will and that can result in pain, disability and cost.
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    He's a douche! Get rid of him. Ya shoulda kicked him to the curb, Dirty! Prep work before anal.

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