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    During the summer of 2011 I went to Milan on a three month assignment for my company. Single and horny, and with a bit of cash, I was guaranteed, in my mind only, that I would get me some really good Italian girl and I would have the time of my life. But that did not happen.

    What happened is that I met this American girl. I will call her Samantha. She was there on her semester abroad. She was not Italian looking at all, rather very American, a rugby player in college, with broad shoulders and strong legs, a pretty face and solid chest. She looked, walked and talked like a rugby player. Nothing prim or petite about her. I didn't even make the first move.

    I met her because she was rooming in the same building I was in and we ran across each other on the way in or the way out. One night, after dark and after dinner she came to my room and knocked on the door and asked me if I wanted company. She was in shorts and a tight top and no bra. She got right to the point. She said that she had been there for seven weeks and had not been laid. I could help her and she could help me. She wanted to get laid.

    Her immediate next question, even before I had a chance to answer, was "show me your dick". I stood in my room, I had not said a word. She repeated for me to show her my dick, she said she did not do guys who had not been cut. She just drew the line, show her I was properly circumcised, before she took her clothes off, she had to make sure that she would let me put my dick in her mouth or her hole. I unzipped my pants to show her.

    She got undressed, nothing seductive or fancy, she just got naked. She asked me if I gave oral to a girls. She said she would suck my dick, but she was there to get laid. She turned down the bed, got on her back, fixed the pillow under the head and spread open her legs. Unbelievably I could not react, I could not get hard, I stayed limp. She asked me if I was gay, she thought all guys wanted pussy. She tried sucking my dick, but other than a half erection, I never got hard.

    She got dressed and told me I was a waste of time.

    After she left, after I laid in my bed, I got an erection. The type of erection I usually get. I ended up masturbating that night. When I saw her she would say hello and a couple of times she asked how my silly willy was doing.

    I returned to the States from my assignment in Milan never having met or much less tried with an Italian girl. I was completely and hopelessly taken by Sam. All I thought about was Sam. I took the initiative and went up to Indiana and went to her college and looked her up. She was embarrassed that I had come. It was fall by then and I went to see her play rugby. I had a hard on watching her. She was all muscle, hard on the field. When the game was over she came and sat beside me and asked me what I wanted. I told her I wanted another chance. She pointed to a girl down the sideline standing with the coach. She told me that was my competition.

    I took her to my hotel room, I took her clothes off. I didn't let her do it. I put my hand between her legs. I asked her to suck my dick. I got down on her and ate her pussy. I fucked her pussy and she got wet. Then I pulled out and fucked her ass. She didn't expect that, but I managed to get my dick in up to my balls and finish her off like that. I kept her head down with my hand on her neck and told her she was my bitch.

    She told me once was enough. I told her if she got out of line I would make her a bitch again. Now that we have the proper perspective on who does who, things are working out fine. She makes great pancakes on Sunday morning and she is coaching girls sports at our Junior High. She put in an order for one of her own and we working on that.

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    It's always the best way to keep women in line; fuck them hard in the ass so they know who's in charge
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    I have always resented men speaking about a woman needing to be put in her place or fucked into submission. It is hard for me because I know it in real life, women put down, put into being housewives, burdened down with children. I am one of those women, I hate to admit that I got fucked into submission, and I am controlled with sex, denied if I am not a good enough housewife, fucked down if I get out of line. That includes anal sex, which turns me into a blithering idiot, pleasing him until he relents and I am no longer punished. I have four kids, which includes a set of twin girls, I have to be the homemaker and my job is running the home and family. It's my place, I know that, but why me? Just because I was born with a vagina and a uterus? Yes, I got fucked into submission, it may he my lot in life, it may be nature's law, I don't know, but being fucked until you buckle? Really, is that necessary? Fucking your woman into being your wife? Keeping her in line by fucking her in the rear? Is that it? Maybe you understand why I am bipolar, resenting my lot in life and craving my husband's authority, demanding he be the man of the house. Can any one explain to me why I feel so attached to him? that he is the father in the home and I am both his wife and daughter? he is my husband and my daddy?

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