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    Straight Female / 31

    I was always small, growing up and as a near adult. I topped off at 5 flat, and am slight with small boobs. My best feature is my ass. As I said, I was a young adult, and he was a grown adult, a very big man with heavy facial hair and he had a gross large penis, it scared me. Even though there wasn't much to fuck he fucked me. He got it all in, every last bit of it, I didn't think all of that would fit inside of me, but it did. It was my first time so I didn't really know what to do, he laid hard on top of me and fucked me until he got his load off, leaving every last drop inside of me, he never event attempted to pull out. And when he was done he just let his whole body weight plaster me into the bed, I couldn't breathe, he would lift himself up a little for me to catch my breath and then down he went again plastering me back into the bed. He was a man, a huge big bear of a man.

    At the time I weighed 105 pounds to his 265 pounds. He would get hard, and lift me up and make me slide on to his penis, find a place to lean me against or a place to bend me over and finish fucking me. I was never able to get his whole penis in my mouth, and I could use both hands on it.

    I went to college in town, and he kept me as his lover until I was 26. His last fuck with me broke my heart. He told me after he fucked me that I was just to small for him and he was scared he was going to break me and he didn't think I was big enough to have kids. All those years, since I was too young really to fuck, up till then when he fucked me pretty regularly, day or night, there was enough of me to fuck, but now all of a sudden I was breakable and he was breaking up with me.

    I married my husband out of desperation, but he is not what my big bear was, not at all. Your not supposed to care how big a penis is, but I loved my big bear's penis, it was grotesquely big, and when he fucked me I felt I was full up to my ears. I took it both ways, my husband won't use the back door. He doesn't understand that getting rammed up the back door fills you up in a way that the front door just can't do it for you. My big bear would get into me, work his penis in me until I felt my ass could not take any more and then lift me up and walk me around, his favorite was to carry me out to the living room and bend me over the back of the couch and finish me off there.

    My big beat won't have me now, no matter how much I cry. My husband just can't make me happy like that. I know I am spoiled, I know the real thing. I can hold my husband's penis in one hand, and take it all in my mouth, and when he gets on it is like a toy, one of those small toys you carry in your purse, it just doesn't feel like the real thing.

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    That's funny. My b/g is just under 7 feet tall, not a bear but a body builder who spends too much time at it but still fucks me a lot. I'm slim and just under 5 feet tall. He also carries me around while fucking me. When he gets really hot, he slides out of my vagina and up my ass then goes balls deep and shoots his load. He told me many times that no one will ever get him off like I do. On weekends he fucks me like that two or three times depending on our plans.

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