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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 46

    My Stepdaddy started m****ting me when I was 4 years old. He married my mama when I was 2 years old. So he is the only daddy I have ever known.

    A little back story!! My mama was 16 when she had me. My mama and Stepdaddy are the same age and went to High School together.

    The m****ting started with sitting in his lap. My mama went to college and became a nurse. So he was home alone a lot with me. He would look at porn with me in his lap. He would show me pictures of woman’s nake bodies. So I never thought anything about being naked and walking around the house. While sitting on his lap, he would position me on his dick. When it got hard he would moved my tiny body to rub it.

    My mama worked nights. I remember being in kindergarten, the first time he actually touched my little bitty pussy. He rubbed it through my panties. He would touch my clit and down the middle. We were looking at porn and I saw where some man had a finger in the girls pussy. I asked him what they were doing. He explained that he was fingering her pussy. He asked me if I wanted him to do that to me. I got scared and said no. He stopped and let me go play. Weeks later, I was sleeping with him and my mama. I woke up to him and mama playing in the bed. They were so busy, they didn’t know I had woken up. I saw him fingering my mama and then fucking her.

    The next time we were playing as he called it. I was on his lap and he was rubbing my pussy I told him, I wanted to touched inside. That was the first time he kissed me on my lips and taught me to French kiss him.

    He took his magazine and showed me to their bed. He pulled my clothes off. He got naked and pulled his huge dick out!! My Stepdaddy has the biggest dick I have ever seen in real life. He is 13inch and as big around 3 inches in diameter!! He is god awful huge. Anyways. He was really slow with me for several yrs. he would rub and slowly put one or two fingers in and out. He would take my hand in his and jack off.

    When I was about 10 yrs old. He started eating my pussy!! OMG!! Having his tongue and fingers in my pussy drove me crazy!! I couldn’t get enough!! I was completely hooked.

    When I was 12, tragedy struck our family and life was never the same. My mama was killed in a car accident. I was a mess!!

    Because all I knew was that sex made me feel good. I started acting out. My Stepdaddy’s friends would come over and I hate started wearing revealing clothes. My best friend was a year older than me and was always at the house now. So we would play our music and dance where they could see us. We would go to the lake and we would wear very tiny bikinis.

    One weekend went to lake. Mandy and I were laid out getting a tan. My Stepdaddy put suntan lotion on us. While he was putting the lotion on Mandy’s back. He started fingering my pussy. I didn’t care that she was there. She heard me moan and looked up and saw him. At first she was scared but I told her it felt so good!! He finally started fingering both of us! For a couple years he would play with both of us.

    Mandy and I would finger and eat each other’s pussy’s in front of him and his friends. The would jack off and we would suck their dicks. The rule was they could play with us but never put their dicks in us!! We were their little sluts.

    On my 18 Birthday!! I lost my virginity to my Stepdaddy!! I had just graduated High school and we had moved and bought a house in the town I was going to college.

    We put the porn video, in the VHS player. We got naked and were on the bed. We were kissing, he was sucking on my 32dd tits and fingering my bald pussy. I have never had hair, always made him feel like I was 4/5!! I was sucking on his dick and finally after all these years. I looked him in the eyes!!

    I raised up and instead of calling him Daddy. I called him Jason!! His real name. I looked him in the eyes and told him it was time to fuck me as his lover and not his little girl!!

    It took a long time to get his whole dick in my tiny little virgin pussy!! I almost died, it hurt like hell. The very best experience I could ever imagine!!

    I would never change any of my childhood nor will I ever say it was wrong. I will not apologize for loving it so much!! What works for some may not work for others. So if you don’t like how my life was. I don’t give a fuck.

    I finished college and found a job on the other side of the United States. He followed me out there. We were each other’s lovers for years. No one knew us, it just appeared older man/ younger female. It worked for us. We cut off family.

    We got married when I was 25. We have two beautiful children. Life has been very good!!

    We still like to play!! We enjoy the swinging lifestyle and we do a lot of role playing. I say do what makes you happy!! Life is to short not to do the nasty!!

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    Yes I know it is really fucked up, The way it all started. But I love him. We have actually had pretty good life together. Our kids have no idea about how we first met or that he was my Stepdaddy. We live a normal life as far as our kids are concerned.
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    What the fuck is with all these child m****ters creeping back to this site? Get the fuck out!
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    Shut the fuck up you assholes. People can post their confessions as they please. Read the fucking ULR and going some where else. I loved her confesstion!!!
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    Confessions? If only they would be confessions, but they are not. They are their sick fantasies and they are only seeking acceptance from p**ophiles like you.
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    # 5 is correct. These are just fantasies but then, fantasies harm no one and the statistics don't bear out that they turn into real activities. The best they do is help with jerking off.

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    #4 you like to abuse children?
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    i feel there is such a thing as too young but girls these days mature so quickly that the idea of 18 years old is completely ridiculous. i would say 12 is more realistic these days.
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    #8 You would let 12 years old make political decisions, let them have children and raise them and let them have jobs which would require responsibility?

    Although they wear revealing clothes like adults do, doesn't make them adults. That alone shows everyone how you are not adult enough although you may have legal right to vote.

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