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    Straight Female / 31

    I found out my husband has a girlfriend. I was bored, I took his phone and scrolled through his texts. There it was! Carla, his work sweetie pie, 27. I put the phone down and never told him. I read all the texts to stay current. I know when he is going to meet her and I go watch, if it is a restaurant I sit across and watch her. When they go to the motel on the bypass I sit outside and wait, then I make sure I'm home before he does.

    There are no children, but I think of her coming up pregnant. I would pay almost anything to see what they do in the motel room. I wonder if he does the same things to both of us. I fantasize about being asleep when they come in, she slips into the middle, after they finish having sex, she roles into my arms. Ever since he hired her I have wanted to tell her how pretty she is.

    If it was anyone else I imagine I would confront him, but I know it is her and it feels good to know he is with her.

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    Time to host a party, get to bed early and see if they are the last two left standing ;)
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    tell him you had a dream about her and the two of you together and watch his reaction. If he looks interested say how you cant get it out of your head and watch the seed grow.

    He will ask you at one point or another if you would ever consider something like that and that is when you say hell yes it is a dark secret fetish of yours that you did not want to share with him due to being scared that he would take it wrong.

    when he offers to set something up you agree of course and next thing you know your fantasy is now reality, he is fucking her and you and you can even have some quality time with her and her lady parts and she can enjoy yours.

    If by chance he dont do it!

    you can always use the card that you go to her and tell her that you know she is fucking your man and your going to have her fired, your going to let everyone know she is a home wrecker and that you will make her life hell! Unless she sleeps with you and your man together at least once in the next 72 hours!
    You never know she might ask him to have the threesome just to keep her job and reputation.
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    #1 how old are you?

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