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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    It all began with a freind of mine who since we were 10 had been sexually playing with each other, At the time this happened we were both 12, One day after jerking each other off he suddenly asked if i wanted to earn some money after school the next day, He said there was a man a few streets away that had been paying him to be photographed and the more clothes he took off for him he paid more, He showed me a crisp £5 note a lot of money back then he said it was easy money as all you had to do was pose and strip off and let him touch you and do "things" to you, Eager for money I agreed for him to introduce me the next day after school, That afternoon I was introduced to Colin a tall slim man with glasses with a pleasant smile, He paid my freind who left saying he'd see me tomorrow at school with a knowing smile, I was shown into his home studio and he asked me to slowly take my uniform off as he took photographs, I was very nervous but the thought of money kept me from running away,He would occasionally put me in the positions he wanted gently touching and patting me as I slowly became naked in front of him when he saw that despite my nerves my small ish dick was getting hard he licked his lips and touched it gently getting it quickly to full hardness, He then started with much more explicit poses bending over spreading my cheeks and laying open legged as I rubbed my dick , He stopped taking photos came over to me unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock it wasn't huge but it was leaking lots of pre cum, He told me to suck it for him , Having only ever sucked my freinds dick I gently pulled his foreskin back and gingerly started to suck the head tasting his pre cum as he sighed deeply there I was kneeling up legs apart my little dick hard with a fully grown man's cock in my mouth, I sucked and licked him as best I could slurping and dribbling a lot he took h9ld of my head and started to fuck my mouth I was busily stroking my own dick as I was enjoying his taste smell and hardness, I heard a click I looked up as he took a photo of me sucking him then one of me licking the head, The. Camera was then forgotten as he bucked and groaned then filled my mouth with gobs of his thick warm fun which i tried my best to swallow quickly, As he finished he picked me up put me on a nearby sofa spread my legs as wide as they would go then be sucked me hard and fast until i too came but my cum was still thin and watery he enjoyed it though smacking his lips greedily, I then dressed he paid me my £5 and with a promise to go back again at the end of the week I left, I had so much to tell my freind the next day, This went on for a few years until we turned 16 but in that time he photographed us both a lot sometimes together or with other boys and one or two freinds of his but those were for home movies which was for my 13th birthday.

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    I was in grade school and my older teenage boy lover introduced me to his man friend that "just wanted to take pictures of a really cute boy like I am." So I said okay, it was for the money for sure. At first it was pretty innocently okay, just two boys, one younger being mentored by an older boy. Two boys in cute tighty-whitie underpants. Me the younger rosey cheeked and incredibly smooth being seduced by the older boy told its story.

    Soon there were other boys depicted at a sleepover. Me again the innocent, only this time in frilly little panties. A story of a virgin gender confused boy soon to be coming of age at the end of a handful of older aggressive boycock's. Then it became a man, a black man. Smoothly pink, fresh hairlessness being seduced by an African cock that tormented a young boys sexual curiosity.

    We moved, and that saved me from being taken advantage of at such a young age. I continued to have boy/boy relationships and now with men. I sometimes miss my early stardom of being the "Oh so cute, curious kid" but I'm glad because it definitely was becoming kind of dangerous.

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