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    This is so off-beat and strange that I have been reading these postings thinking of my own experience but not doing anything to this moment. This is anonymous so I figured if anyone had a similar experience to respond.

    My mother works as a clinical social worker which is not a long throw from a psychologist's profession. When I was 18 she started talking to me about my sex experience. She said, "you have a very masculine, mature aura around you, a deep voice, big, muscular, (then) Have you had sex with a girl yet?

    I was taken aback because mom discussed these issues with me before but it was always objective conversation about human behavior. She had noticed my erect penis under clothing and said so. Embarrassed, I said, "No...I thought about it but no." Then she said "Jessica (her lifetime friend) and I have talked about you and she's willing to be your mentor and teach you how to best engage with a girl so that your experience does not end in failure." This might not be her exact words but this is all 16 years ago,

    She saw the red flush in my face and said, "Come on, we're talking about simply biology, nothing to be embarrassed about." Jessica, to me, was almost like an aunt and I had known her from birth. She was an o.k. woman but not anyone I wanted to have introduce me to sex. Since Jessica was seeing someone we set up a meeting at a nearby hotel, of course, with mom paying the bill.

    In the room, Jessica was strictly business, until I drove my penis inside her, then she seemed to flip out. We fucked like two crazed rabbits and in multiple positions for a good two hours, both achieving multiple orgasms. Afterwards, I recall Jessica saying, "Well, that seems to have worked out...just don't tell your mom how much we liked it." I never spoke much about it but Jessica sprang for many more hotel rooms now and then until I went off to college a few years later.

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