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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Iâve wanted to be someoneâs slave since I was like 8 watching Aladdin. Never consensually walking into the situation. I wish someone would grab me off the street and here is a brief description of what I canât get off my mind.

    You donât have to be handsome, not well built, you should not be kind. I want to be grabbed off the street and choked while thrown into your car. A dog cage waits to cage me while you drive to your home. Iâll only ever see the light of day under your terms again.

    I scream and cry. I plead and beg giving you a massive erection. So bad you pull off on the side of the road. Come back into the back seat and cream over my face and body from the other side of the bars. Than screaming still you drive off.

    I have weeks of little interaction from you. Just a basement, a cage, freezing showers, and food scraps covered in your cum. Than surgery day comes.

    Done with my caterwauling still wishing for freedom the process starts. My vocal cords get surgically altered. Gone conversation and hello moaning, whimpering, groaning...if Iâm lucky Iâll learn to bark you tell me. Your displeased to find out In not a virgin so I must be punished. Whimpering and paddling at every few hours paired with no food. Iâm weakening. Becoming less troublesome.

    Next my legs have the tendons severed at the knee so I can never stand again. Iâm your pet not a human. I have lost 50 lbs and Iâm loosing increasing levels of my humanity. The ass plugs increase in size as you battle with âwhatâ I am. A small kitty one with a long soft tail. A dog one with a short upright one. You whip my still tender ass till I learn to shake excited for your arrival. I get to keep this one in a few days while you inject hormones for my ass and breasts to grow. Milk starts leaking and I cry at the build up of new forced milk. Tattoo on the ass with your marking. Your nameâs property: âCunt 23â. How many more have you had?

    The dog tail doesnât last, I get a cow tail next. That pleases you. A nose ring, nipple rings, clit rings. A thick collar you enjoy pulling tight so I feel as if Iâm choking. Only dressed up do you finally relieve yourself. Constraining me so I can hardly move while you r**e my throat. Giving me tree food you have been training my tastes buds to savor over the last month. You last long enough to see me cry than your seed spurts over my face and encouraged breasts. Only than do you take me up stairs to begin living with you as your c**t cow.

    Iâll never be found. as long as I have a nice ass and c**t for your fucking; and supply enough milk for your coffee and morning eggs I can stay with you and not be sold to the farmer down the street who is playing mad man science to turn the harem of 22 others into breeders for his animals.

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    You need some solid sessions with a psychoanalyst.
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    you are my kind of bitch. I have just the place for you, so I can start your training because you will be mine, your nothing but a animal not worth anything

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