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    Straight Male / 32

    Me and my wife had come back form a Caribbean vacation and my wife was eager to tell everyone about it. She immediately called her mother and her friends to tell them all about it. I find out a few days later that she had uploaded all the pictures we had taken to a website to share with everyone. It was almost a week later when her mother made a comment to me about me on the beach in my birthday suit that made me ask what she was talking about. She went on to say it was one of many pictures my wife had uploaded. I go and look on the website and find more than a dozen of me naked when I was on the nude beach. When I asked my wife about it, all she said was that she just uploaded everything and forgot to exclude those. She said when she realized it everyone had already seen them and it was too late to take them down so she just left them up there. She said everyone didn't mind seeing them so I had nothing to worry about. I reminded her that she just exposed me to everyone. She apologized and told me to lighten up. She then tells me she thinks her friends are jealous of her because they made some comments about how much better I look than their husbands. When I asked what they said she wouldn't say. All she said was that it was some inappropriate stuff that she shouldn't repeat because it may give me an inflated ego and if their husbands ever found out they might disown them.

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    Firstly, your manhood.
    Secondly, you're 32 I'm assuming your wife is in the same age ball-park and most men at that age are still fit, healthy and relatively slim. Did your wife's friends marry bloaters or slobs?

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