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    I work for a small company. They have a small exercise room setup with some weights and exercise equipment. Most people use it at lunch but I use it after work and am usually the only one. There is a men's and women's change room with showers. The showers are one big open area and if someone else is in there you see each other naked. After my workout I always shower and being that no one usually works out after work I have the showers to myself. One day I finish my workout and go to have my shower. Being that I am usually alone in there I usually masturbate. As I am doing so I look over to the entrance of the showers to see my bosses wife standing there. She had literally walked into the men's change room and was seeing me in the shower. I asked what she was doing and she said looking for her husband. She said she heard the water running and thought he might be in here. She says she could see what I was doing and told me to continue. I told her I better not. She said I better or else. I didn't know what "or else" meant and I wasn't going to ask. I continued as she watched. When done she tells me we will just keep this between us so I don't get embarrassed any further. She tells me to finish my shower and after watching me for a few minutes finally leaves.

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