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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    So a few months ago I gave my neighbours struggling 18 year old son some money to pay off debts with the understanding that he'd pay me back once he was back on his feet.

    Having not paid me back & spending money on other quite public expenses I decided to confront him. I went next door & straight upstairs like his text advised to find him playing on a brand new games console. A flash of rage hit me & jumped on him shouting about the money.

    I pinned him to the ground & started rooting through his tracksuit trousers pockets, they were empty but I noticed a sizeable semi erect cock. Flipping him over I checked the back pocket finding it empty I sat on him & quizzed him as to how he was going to pay me back.

    Telling me he couldn't having spent all his money, in anger I thought, I'll teach him a lesson in responsibility. I pulled the back of his tracksuit bottoms down to find a pair of light blue briefs which I yanked up his ass exposing two tight teen ass cheeks, I started spanking & carried on until they were cherry red.

    Squirming free hell asked what I was doing & I explained taking my payment, I'd wipe the debt if for a week he'd do whatever he was told with no refusal. He agreed. Win!

    So his first task was to strip to those fitted light blue briefs. Standing there I could see the obvious bulge waiting to escape so after enjoying the view a little I had him remove the briefs. As the bulging, semi erect hairless cock sprung free I was amazed that the nerdy next door boy was so well equiped. I explored his naked frame with special attention on the cock, stripped naked & had him wank us both to climax.

    Exiting I told him to come round tomorrow for the first day of repayment. Naked gardening, housework & cooking was a fantastic sight & I even chose his underwear each morning.

    That was about a month ago now & I still get the morning choice & underwear picture message I wonder how I can work it to my advantage...

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    For anyone wondering today I had a choice of very tight, short, skin tight black boxers or fitted red briefs. I went for the boxers & the picture was a very interesting sight
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    I was caught stealing underpants from a large department store. I'd steal string bikini and other skimpy and sexy briefs. The reason I stole them is because I was too embarrassed to pay for them. I'm fourteen and no way wanted my parents to find out!

    The security detective was understanding, well actually he's been having sex with me. He takes different briefs of all styles and colors. He has me model them and takes pictures posting um on his website " showing the cute kid that I'm fucking" is how he puts it. The truth is I like it and don't want to stop!?

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