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    I was seven and he saw me and said I looked pretty and God bless you. He did photographs part time and asked my mom if I could be his subject. He and my mom became friends, and he made several photo shoots of me. One afternoon I was at home and started to look through his binder. There were a whole lot of my pictures, but the group of the end were pictures of my mother.

    All kinds of pictures, indoor, outdoor, funny, serious, posed, caught napping, and topless, and naked, and open spread pictures, and porn, oral sex on a man, anal sex with a man, laughing naked with him, it was my first exposure to porn.

    I put them back and didn't say anything. I never saw my mother the same again, she was 26 that year, and I kept those images to myself. Twenty years later, I was 27 and my boyfriend started to photograph me in the nude. I instinctively repeated my mother's poses, same layouts, anal sex, oral sex, if she did it I did it.

    In a daring moment I let my mother see the pictures, as her anger grew, when she was really angry, I told her all I did was copy her. Today I have those old pictures of my mother, we were the same age, and except for our hair cut, we were pretty much alike.

    I really enjoy seeing those pictures, of my mother and me, totally naked, some just erotic, others pure porn.

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