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    Posted by Anonymous

    Once I was at a party and I had to pee so bad. but the person who had invited me was talking to my crush and I didn't want to ask where to take a piss in front of him.
    I was desperatley trying not to pee all over. I just couldn't seem to help it. I was talking to him and I peed all over. he saw and I turned beet red. I don't know why I am soo stupid though. I kept drinking pops and stuff, which caused me to have to pee more. When I figured out where the restroom was I got there. there was a line of like 5 people. I was shifting my weight from side to side hoping for the will power to hold it in.

    But of course my wish was not granted. I rushed into the bathroom and tried to unzip my jeans. But the zipper was jammed. I despretely groped at it trying to pull it out.

    But it was no use. I pissed and crapped all over. My pants were now soaking and there was a huge lump. But I walked out. everyone looked at me very strangley.

    Then we were playing spin the bottle. I got my crush and we walked into the bathroom together. He told this hilarious joke. I started laughing all over. then i realized I had to pee again. But still laughing I peed in front of my crush..
    I was so embarrassed.
    But my crush... well he doesn't like me any more.!

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    Well the heck with him. I think girls in tight WET jeans are soooooooo sexy. The poop is kind of gross however. You used the word, "crush." What country are you from?
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    I am from Utah, why?
    Everyone uses the word "crush"!
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