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    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    I was 28 and I had a pretty bad crush on my boss. A girl was hired and she started to flirt with him and I got really jealous, and it showed. One day my boss grabbed me in his office and kissed me really hard and asked me if that is what I wanted, then he kissed me again with a strong ass grab. He told me that all he wanted was really hot pussy and he wanted to know just how hot my pussy was.

    He came to my apartment that night unannounced and said he had come over to see if my pussy was worth having. He left immediately after he had sex, leaving his watch behind. I slept on the wet spot on the bed totally naked, I rubbed my face in it and smelled the pillow he had used. I did not change the sheets for three weeks and when I changed the bed I kept the sheets and would sit and watch television smelling him. At work things were really different with him, he kept his distance and told me that when he wanted pussy he would come by. I finally washed the sheets but felt really bad afterwards.

    The girl who was flirting with him wanted to be my friend. She just sort of pushed her way in on me and we became office pals and lunch partners. She is one of those girls who is perfect, with a perfect body and face and attracts a lot of guys and looks. One hot Saturday, she more or less invited herself to come to my apartment so we could sunbathe by the pool. The swimsuit she brought was small, I even asked her if she really meant to go outside like that. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric and her crotch left no doubt that she was female. She wanted me to touch the fabric to see how thin it was.

    Out by the pool she paid absolutely no attention to these guys who kept trying to get her into a conversation. She sat beside me, oiled my back, arms and legs, and had me oil her back, arms and legs. She was very free when she was oiling me and put her hands under my bathing suit and rubbed my bottom. When we went back up to my apartment she suggested that we take a shower to get the tanning oils off and she got in the shower with me.

    After the shower, after we dried our hair, she just went into my room totally naked and turned down the bed and laid on it told me she wanted to feel the love. I was getting dressed but she told me to keep my bra off, not to cover my breasts. I asked her what she was doing, because at that moment I was totally clueless, she was on her back, totally naked, heaving her hips up and down calling me to lay down with her. When I asked she just said she could not care less about guys, she wanted to be friends with me, bosom buddy friends, ass to ass, pussy to pussy, lips to lips, tits to tits. I didn't know what to say so I stood there, I put on my bra and put on a pair of shorts and a shirt and went to the kitchen.

    She came out totally naked, I had to run over and close the curtains, she told me she was staying the night, that she didn't give up easily. She got down on her knees in front of me and grabbed my ass and put her face up into my crotch. She sat back and told me she had never tasted dick, she was all into girls and she wanted to show me why I should, to just take off my shorts and underwear and go lay out on the bed and she was going to show me why I was never going to want dick again.

    She didn't leave, she spent the rest of the afternoon with me wearing one of my nightgowns. She did not go home, she got in bed with me and her hands were all over me, she kissed me until I let her take my panties off and let her eat me. After she ate me she asked that I eat her, it was like a badge, you eat me and I eat you. I ate her, because I did, and I let her kiss and suck my titties and I kissed and sucked hers and we kissed and fingered each other. And she spent the night.

    I had been intimate twice, once with her and once with my boss. She found the watch which was in my dresser drawer, she grilled me until I confessed whose it was. She told me to keep it slow with him, not to let it get out of hand. She moved in with me. I continued to have sex with him at our apartment. He knew about her and she knew about him. When he was there she waited until after we had sex. When she got to bed she had fetish to eat me and clean me out. It didn't work, I still got pregnant.

    I don't work with him anymore and we are married. We live together with my son who is three now. There are days when she is with me that I really need to be close with her. That I am confused as to whether I am hetero or homo I can't decide. For me if she lived with us it would be fine, in fact it would be better. But he doesn't want our son to get the wrong impression about me. But the truth is that I sleep with a girl, I have sex with a girl, I spend most of my free time with a girl, my son spends lots of time with her and me. And my son has seen us kiss many times, and he has seen us in bed when he gets up from his nap. And he has seen us in bed when he gets up and she spent the night. Believe me, my son has gotten in bed with us in the morning. He may not know that we have sex, but he knows that he has a father and that he has two mothers.

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    Damn!! That gave me wood!
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    From your story I gather that you fell in love with a married an asshole, allowing
    his intrusion into your life, and for what purpose?
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    correction from #2. fell in love with AND married an asshole.

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