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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    This happened when I was a kid, but I still remember it many years later. I was just 11 and my sister Debbie was 12, going on 13. We lived in California at the time and our family had a backyard pool. It was during one summer vacation when we both knew how to swim and were considered old enough to be left alone by my mom. We were swimming and playing in the pool, when Debbie asked me if I ever pressed myself against the water jets, which circulated the pool water. She beckoned me over and when I reached where she was standing in the water, I noticed she had slipped off the bottom of her two-piece bathing suit, and was pressing herself against the side of the pool where the water jet was. She told me to take off my trunks, but to stay in the water, "so mom doesn't see you are naked!"

    I did as she told and she positioned me in front of the jet and told me to open my legs and let the jet of water spray on my "willie." I did this and quickly felt an erection coming on. She asked me if I liked it and I said yes. We took turns doing this until my sister took an extra long time and began to shake as her face turned red. Then, she let go of the side of the pool and kind of floated away. I didn't know what happened to her at the time, but she had orgasmed.

    The next day, we played with the water jets again. When it was my turn, my sister put her head under water so she could see my penis. Suddenly I felt her hand on my erection. She fondled me and I told her it felt nice when she touched me. She kept her hand on my penis while the water jet sprayed and I soon began to feel an intense sensation inside of me. I thought I was going to pee and got alarmed, but I couldn't stop what was happening and soon had my first orgasm.

    After that, every time we were left alone in the pool, Debbie and I would play at the water jet. I copied Debbie and would put my head under water and would look at her naked bottom and her "nushie" as we called it. I found I would get an erection just seeing her exposed lower body like that. It was around this time that Debbie new. I was facing the jet, feeling the water vibrate my erect willie, and my sister dove down and came up between me the water jet. She turned around and wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed her body against my penis. She held me this way and began to rub herself on me. I could feel her nushie pressed against me. Her face was just inches from mine and we kind of bobbed up and down like this. She began to rub faster and then I could feel her shake while her face began to flush. She let go of me just as I was beginning to reach my own climax. I returned to the water jet and my sister swam over and fondled my penis until I had my own orgasm.

    Whenever we had the chance that summer, we played with each other at the water jets, and would also swim to a corner of the pool, where we knew our mother couldn't see us, and would rub our lower bodies against each other under water until we both orgasmed. We only had one close call when we weren't paying attention and our mom came out to the pool, but wasn't paying too much attention, and we were able to get our bathing suits back on without her noticing.

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