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    Straight Male / 18

    Stayed at my grandparents house this Easter weekend. Stay Friday thru Sunday. And hadnât masturbated in a week due to lots of stress at school. So Sunday morning I figured id rub one out before getting up for breakfast. So I was laying in bed in a shirt and briefs (mom makes me wear briefs when visiting and staying over at my grandparents house since they are not crazy prints like my other underwear. Iâm fine with it). Pulled my hard on out the fly of my briefs and was stroking away, had a sock ready to go lol.

    Unfortunately my grandma walked in on me! Now having your male parts out the fly in briefs makes it hard to get them back in quickly. But she saw me masturbating and I covered back up quickly. She straight up asked if I was masturbating! I didnât know what to say and said itâs been a week since I have so I figured I could real quick.

    She walked out of the room and came back with a box of tissues. She told me to use these to clean up, not a sock. She told me to hurry up as breakfast is almost done. Wow that embarrassed me, her telling me to hurry up! Well and the fact that my grandma saw my erect penis!

    This morning get ready for school, my grandma gave me some clean cloths of mine she washed. No underwear was with them though. I asked where they were and she said they are finishing in the dryer and Iâll bring you a pair. I was showering and my grandma walks in! So now she saw me completely naked and it didnât even seem to bother her. She told me hereâs a pair of your briefs, freshly bleached so they are nice and white for you. Like dang us she trying to embarrass me more!

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    When I was staying over at Grandma's house a few years ago when I was a littler kid she caught me in my underpants too. The only difference was I was on my stomach, tighty-whities aside getting it good from an older boy I met in the park. It was actually three boys they were already done and gone when grandma unexpectedly showed up.
    She was supposed to be shopping after her club meeting but changed her mind. She opened the door then gasped and closed it. He was coming in me at the time and was pretty much done. He snuck out the window and left me to deal with Grandma. She heard him leave and came back in the room and ushered me into the bathroom and ran bath water. She yanked my underpants off, looking at all the boycum that had leaked into them and said shaking her head, "my goodness, boy's will be boys!" She hand washed them in the sink after washing me in the tub. I was so embarrassed! She left after drying me off and returned with fresh briefs. She helped me into my underpants as if I was a little boy. She patted my butt and assured me that it's natural for boy's to be curious. I'm fifteen now and ever since she discovered that my butt had become a sexual object with other boys she's always caressing my buttcheeks and loves getting a look at them in tighty-whities which she buys for me, " because they're so cute" she says. It's really weird because she just barges into the bathroom when I'm showering too!

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