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    Gay Male / 27

    I was home from college for the summer and my Dad insisted that I go help with the church project, which was building a new youth center. I was never good with my hands, and I hated outdoor work. I went, but I won't say I helped. I ended up working in the office checking materials and other paperwork. I got to know the youth minister.

    He was 35 and he was hung. I now because I saw him at the gym, he walked out of the showers and he was hung. I got close to him and spent time working on him and getting him to trust me. One day I 'accidently' walked in on him while he was in the bathroom. This time I was close, at most three feet away. He was pissing into the toilet. I closed the door behind me and unzipped and took out my less than impressive cock and started to piss with him into the toilet.

    He finished and was in a hurry to get out of there, but I grabbed his cock and held it and said not so fast. I bent down and kissed it and put it in my mouth. I lowered the seat and lid of the toilet and sat on it and sucked his cock. If he wanted to break away I didn't feel it, I just sucked him and held his cock in my hand and tried to masturbate with my other hand.

    He had gotten hard, and I masturbated his cock while I sucked on him, and I got him to cum. His cum was thick, and tasted a whole lot different to any I had tasted before, but I swallowed it up showing him that it was going down my throat. I asked him to beat me off, but he was past nervous by then and all he wanted to do was get out of the bathroom.

    He loved having his cock sucked, he was sinning, but it wasn't stopping him, and he got to the point of beating me off so I could cum too. We didn't do it at the church, we met at the city pool and then got in one car and went from there to this secluded spot right out of town. One day I brought a tube of anal lube with me and I told him I was it all. I lubed myself up and bent over and held on to the hood of the car and waited for him to get up the nerve, but once he started to fuck I knew it was worth the wait. I loved getting fucked by him, especially I think because we always fucked outside, out in the open, which unnerved him but got me hotter.

    I don't now if he ever did anything with any of the younger boys, that summer I was his more than willing partner. He got angry with me in the fall because I sent him a hand written letter with a description of what I liked him doing and describing his cock. I didn't send him another letter, but for Thanksgiving I met him a motel about 15 miles out of town and we fucked and we fucked and sucked until we were both done. He told me that was the last time, he didn't want to lose his job, he said again.

    I let him off the hook. Back at school I had met a senior Marketing major who was just as good as the youth minister and he didn't have any guild or a problem getting together and fucking the night away.

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