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    Transsexual Female / 22

    My wife is the one who works and I do all the housework.

    When she goes to work I slip into something feminine and do my housework. When I am close to be done after 3 hours, I call my boyfriend.

    I am always done cleaning when he walks in and I am always ready to please John. He likes a good blowjob to start. I have been a cocksucker for a few years. I love to feel the warm cum fill my mouth then the wonderful taste of his cum is so good.

    Then comes the fun part, I begin to lovingly fondle his big cock and sucking until I make him rock hard. Then I get his full 9 inches thrust deep and hard. He loves to make it hurt so good and make me get loud and the best ones make me cry like the girl I am.

    He was thrusting so deep and hard and I was getting loud. Then I heard my wife say that she knew I was gay. I tried to get up to go to her but John said, "Not yet Lisa I'm not done". He was pushing harder than normal because my wife was watching.

    My wife calmly said, "I'm calling my boyfriend over too. My boyfriend has a dick that women want unlike your tiny thingy".

    I had tears from John making love to me. My wife lifted her top and bra and showed John saying, "I want you to fuck him so hard his boobs pop out. He told her how beautiful she and her boobs are. I was moaning from enjoyment saying, "Deeper, keep looking at her and fucking me deeper".

    My wife let John finish but made me stay on all fours for a treat. She didn't let me see but she said, "This is a 15 inch long vibrator. If you want it deeper just moan like a girl".

    She said that John's sperm would be all the lube I get. She put it against my ass and gave a firm push and it went in but ripped my ass a little. She laughed and said, "That comes with being a girl". I let out a big moan and she pushed hard. I moaned again and she went even deeper.

    She said, "What a big girl you are, you have all of it except 2 inches. That means 13 inches are in you and if you moan again I know we can get all 15 inches in your round girl ass". I moaned and said, "Please push it all in me". She pushed and I felt my ass cheeks close as much as a cock streached male ass can.

    My wife said, "Ok John did you record all of it"? He said yes and asked her if she was glad he set this up for her to catch me. She said, "Yes, no more faking being able to feel his, I guess that is her little penis".

    She looked at me and said, "So it's Lisa now. We will stay together but each of us will only have sex with men and honey you are no longer a man. I also will have you give my boyfriend's big cock a blowjob". Her boyfriend walked in and said, "I want to cum in his mouth now". She said, "No it's not his mouth she is a girl now".

    I got up and walked to him and he is big tall and big cocked. He told me not to use teeth and that I better not spit his cum out. I reached into his pants and felt a huge cock. Then he said, "Wait bitch I want John to fuck you hard as I fuck your face. How would you like that"? I was stroking him and said as slutty as I could, "I will do anything to please you".

    The men were doing their best to make me a girl and I was loving it. My wife said that if I am a bad girl ever she would send the video of me being the girl to these two sexy men and their big cocks to everyone I know. She said that I was really having fun with
    two men.

    She said that from now on I was not to wear anything guys wear, I can only wear pretty things but not look slutty, even though I am a slut.

    She works for a doctor and she made me call him and ask to be castrated. I did and he recognized my voice. He told me that my wife had talked to him about it and if you want me to I will. I set an appointment for Wed 4 of April at 8:30. I can't wait to not have them.

    My wife said that now that I am being feminine I would be happier.

    Right now I am wearing short shorts panties bra a cute top and high heels. She is sending me to the grocery store for some food as a girl. She sat me down and fixed my hair pretty and put some make up on me. She said it is only 5 blocks so you should walk.

    I have always been super submissive and would not dare to say no. My neighbors will see me and she said I will talk to them like normal. Ok I must say bye bye so I can be seen by lots of men.

    She said I better flirt with some men while I'm gone. I will too, I love men so much.

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