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    Lesbian Female / 52

    My name is Kathy. My daughter and her daughter are both thirty this year. The two girls have one father, they are 26 days apart. We as mothers were both 22 at the time, we were both Catholic girls, we were both virgins that weekend, we were both boring, we both worked together. He, their father, was Mr. Stud, 29 years old, good looking, handsome, friendly, nice, a prince among princes, and he paid attention to us, both unworthy of his attention, Catholic virgin girls.

    We were at a happy hour for one of the girls at work that was getting married. We, the two Catholic girls, did not drink, and we stayed together as always, just her and me, talking and gossiping about the girls that were drinking and letting the guys kiss them. He, the father of our daughters, came up to us and started talking. There were lots of single girls at the happy hour that night, but he insisted on talking to us. He bought us a glass of wine which we sipped, he stayed with us the entire evening, it was kind of exhilarating in a way, here we were with Mr.
    Stud himself, the prince among all the princes.

    After a while he suggested we go get something to eat. He had a great big car, one of those that makes lots of noise, blue green, with white bucket seats, I sat up front and my other mother to be sat in the back seat. We went to eat at this Italian restaurant, he ordered another glass of wine for us, and instead of taking us back to the restaurant where the happy hour was to pick up our cars, he took us to his apartment. He lived in one those new apartment complexes, with swimming pools and tennis courts, we lived in this older apartment unit that didn't even have washer and dryers.

    His apartment had a great big bed, he showed it to us and asked us which one of us wanted to go first. He was taking his clothes off, he stood in front of us naked, he told us he wanted a piece of ass and which one of us was going to go first. He turned down the bed, and told my other mother to be that she was going first and he wanted to see it all, none of that shit about staying half dressed. He wanted tits and ass, and he turned to me and said from both of us. Get those tops off and show him our tits.

    He was naked, he was in a hurry, get naked and get on the bed, to get our naked asses on the bed, he wanted to fuck. Maybe, probably, only because we were together that we got naked. We had never seen each other naked, and now we were both naked and he was naked and we were about to lose our virginity. Get on the bed.

    Being naked was one thing, but when he spread our legs open to see our naked pussy, and when he put his face in her pussy we knew that it was for real. We were getting fucked that night. He stopped eating her and told me to get on my back and spread my legs he was going down for seconds. I had never been touched there, and now he was eating me and his hands were reaching up to grab my tits. My other mother was sitting beside me, naked, and I grabbed her and told her to hold me, he finished eating and he pushed her aside and I was the first to lose my virginity.

    Whe n he was done we didn't know what to do. He was on his back, naked, his penis was still full but limp like a great big worm, he kept feeling our tits, he asked my other mother to give him oral sex which she did. After a while he got on her and she lost her virginity too. Now the three of us laid back naked on the bed, my other mother and I embraced naked. After a while we pulled the covers up over us and we fell asleep, my other mother and me naked as naked can be, embraced in this tight spoon, with her hands cupping my breasts. It was our first night together like that, being naked with her felt so good, we tightened our grip around each other.

    The next morning our father to be was all over the place, he had things to do and he wanted to take us to get our cars. We wanted more sex and he had to comply before we all got bathed and dressed. Even if he had been dared to take one of us out, and he had been bet that he couldn't get one of us in bed, having both of us made his life impossible. Once Pandora was out of the box, we were not content. We never had sex alone with him, and when we had sex we were open to any and all things, our inhibitions completely lifted, and we found out that it was more sexy and arousing to love on each other than just with him.

    But we were Catholic girls and inexperienced and we both wound up pregnant. That's how it is that our daughters are both turning thirty this year. Their father never was able to get his life back on track after us, he lives close by and we have a full relationship with him. My other mother and me, we found that we liked being together, getting naked and bathing together, sleeping together, we discovered that kissing and making love together was something we had to do. We sinned and once I confessed to our priest, but never again.

    Today we cut our hair short, we wear the same clothes, we live in the same house, we swim naked together in our pool, we make love in the afternoon. Their father, in spite of all of his complaining to the contrary always gets seconds. Once we discovered that we could give oral sex to each other his services were no longer needed. But he is the father, and he has needs, and his needs should only be fulfilled with us, as the mothers of his daughters. So, although we are a whole lot older now, and he is approaching sixty, we still have long afternoon sessions with him, and when we are done we embrace into our favorite position, with her arms around me and cupping my breasts and we let him sleep with us and treat him to oral sex by the two of us in the morning. He is the father of our daughters.

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